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bathroom scales

varies hugely, mine were 5kg different to the chemist ones. i guess the chemist ones are accurate. The same day i tried a different set of scales i had and they were 7kg out. who knows whats right.
doesnt really matter. what matters is what you see in the mirror and that you use one set of scales consistently.


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I've noticed a difference to my weigh in how you stand on the scales too. If you stand with your head bent forward on mine, (looking at the digital no.s) I weigh 2 lbs heavier, than If I stand up dead straight, and just wait for the reading to flash...
I think they all tend to be a bit out.
Type of floor you have em on makes the reading vary too. xxx


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Lol Toni that worries me! My scales are fab i have to say and give the same reading as the pharmacy. I weigh myself at the same time and with the same clothes and it really reassures me. But they really do all vary! What i did was went for my WI and then straight home and on my bathroom scales to check for a difference...if there is a 2lb difference for example then you can take that into account each time xxx
Scales are addictive, the spawn of the devil, I wish i could do what lillie does and just get weighed at the pharmacy, but it's just too tempting to jump right on each morning.:sigh:;)
i know wot u mean, im on them every moen. i always seem to gain after ive had a shake :confused: only 1bls or so. arrgghhh so addictive!!
to be sure you would have to spend several hundred pounds and have them calibrated annually.......stick to bathroom scales for a guide and ya chemist for your WI . X
oh to be sure lol x

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