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Battling to lost last 11lbs! HELP!

I have lost 1stone 2lbs so far doing the Cambridge Diet but have lost a lot of inches.
My weight loss has never been more than 3lbs a week and some weeks my weight has stayed the same (frustrating).
I have my weigh in on Sat and still haven't lost anything this week.
Are there any tips from anyone to get the last bit of weight shifted? PLEASE
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What plan are you on? Your BMI is well within healthy so that's probably why it's very slow on the loss front xx


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Firstly well done on the weight loss to date, things that spring to my mind our

Are you drinking enough water
Are you having everything your meant to a day
Are you adding anything not on the list
Over exercising
Are you eating the same things every day maybe mix it up a bit

Really hope the scales drop for you by weigh in
Thanks very much for your tips!
I think that I am going to try and step up my water even more...and see if that helps.
Thanks a lot! and good luck!


Happiest Girl :D
My losses were never that big either, and I only average 1lb a week on 810.

You realistically won't see the large losses bigger people get with you having a healthy BMI.

I think we all compare losses with other people's in our heads, but no two people will have the same journey.

Where's Cerulean or Lily? They put this info into words much better than me, lol!
Yeah, I kind of figured that the numbers would be smaller cause of my BMI being healthy - but it's still frustrating that it takes so much work to lose 2lbs but it's so easy to put it on :(
I am sure that I will get there - it's just going to take patience.
It helps now that my partner started CD this week so there are not so many temptations around :)
Thanks for your words of encouragement and well done on your weight loss!


Happiest Girl :D
I totally agree, all too easy to put it on!! Lol.

Thanks, you'll do great, good luck! xx
Hun I have the same prob if I push myself to walk 4mikes a day and e very good I still don't lose more then 2lbs but to be honest b'cuz I don't have much to lose, the small amount still makes such a difference!!
If ur a healthy BMI u should be having some food like the 810 plan x

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