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BBQ weather upon us And kcals

x Nee x

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Try using calorie king or my fitness pal its great for checking out the calories :)


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It really depends on what you have! I would try to steer clear of any rolls/baps and also the creamy salads. Stack your plate with healthy salad and then maybe have one or two sausages?
thanks for that i'm drooling at the thought of sausages i didnt eat many on sw saved syns for chocolate instead !doh!

x Nee x

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Hi there thanks for that i can see quite alot of bbqs cropping up over the summer.
Ha ha yummy, you cant beat a good ol' barb'y :D:D:D


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My friend has a big annual BBQ but I won't be sticking to my calories because it usually ends in drink games...:rolleyes:

I think the best option food wise for me is BBQ chicken/fish with some salad...probably some coleslaw as well. Or perhaps have a low cal breakfast which will free up some calories for the BBQ?

So many chances to go wrong this summer, don't want to have too many bad days though!


Surely chicken breast grilled on the BBQ with salad, bit of BBQ sauce etc wouldnt be much. Bout 180 for chicken breast so your only looking at about 250 altogether. I have tended to save my cals so i can have what i want


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I think having 1 or 2 rolls are fine!! but I am not cutting out carbs or anything like that, just calorie counting and probably only 150 cals ish for one. I would stay away from sausages I would have a couple of chicken legs with the skin off and lots of salad and I like those packs of new potatos that you can pop in the microwave. Also stay away from the coleslaws and creamy sauces but a bit of BBQ relish will be fine :)


Defo, i dont cut anything out i wouldnt say not really as i dont want to restrict myself permanantly as once i stop concentrating so much ont he diet and start eating it then my weight will suffer. Id rather have it and count it in...

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