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be-yu week 1

cazzy b

Full Member
whoo hooooooooo!!

So pleased for you!!!

Keep at it girl x

cazzy b

Full Member
thanks, will do. how are you finding this diet ?
thanks, will do. how are you finding this diet ?
Cazzy am finding it ok. I have never done any kind of TFR or VLCD before so its new to me I guess.

I am hooked on the choc shakes made up with peppermint tea though!!

In fact, some days now, I struggle to get through 3 products as not hungry!

In saying that, I know enough to know that's not good so make sure I don't eat under 600 cals so if I have only had 2 shakes or soup or a meal I will have a bar at 195 cals.

I am off for the weekend this Friday (planned a year ago) so know this will knock me back some but will carry on after it.

How are you finding it?

cazzy b

Full Member
hi, i did lipotrim last year which is very restrictive, though i did lose 2 stone its hard to stick to. i like this diet because you actually get to eat and chew, the products are much better than lipotrim. hope you do well and reach your goal soon.
So how are you following BE YU? with the added allowed foods? or just the total food replacement packs?

cazzy b

Full Member
hi, at the moment i am sticking to the packs, but i am having an allowance of 1/2 pint skimmed milk which is approx 100 calories for tea and coffee. so still only having 500/600 calories a day depending on what i choose for the day.
hey there - i've been MIA for a long time here. Did LT a long time ago and lost nearly 2 stone. Didn't gain it all back (maybe half of it) and then I got pregnant. Had my little fella 6 months ago and still have 3 stone to lose... :(
So, I've just ordered a month's supply of this Be-YU diet and glad to hear that it's working for you girls so far.
Once I get my pack delivered i'll start posting on how it's going, but have hope reading your comments here..
Best of luck with your journeys. :)
Hi guys
Just started this morning.
Have approx 1 stone to lose, so am going to follow this for 14 days, should this be enough?
Im getting married in August & want to get the bit of weight Ive put on sorted before the dress alterations start in the next couple of months..
How is yer progress going? Much more of a loss on week 2?
Hi Psul, how you getting on?

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