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This is a strange question, but i've looked online and can't find the answer. I'd like to know how many calories are in baked beans with their sauce washed off.

I used to like beans but think they'd be healthier and more interesting with the sauce off, though i know it's still not the most healthy choice. Just that i've been craving them for ages!

Any ideas?
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Baked beans are Haricot beans - about 280cals per 100g.


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you might aswell just buy a tin of haricot beans from Sainsburys as that's all they are


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I suppose washed baked beans will be sweeter (and have more calories) as there's usually glucose syrup in the sauce and that will have soaked in. Also, you can buy the value brands for a few pence.
Thanks everyone, i did look for haricot beans but assumed washed baked beans would be higher in calories, however 150g of baked beans with sauce is 122 calories, so how 100g of haricot is 280 is confusing!


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It would be interesting to find the weight of washed beans you get from a 150g portion of beans+sauce.

280cal for 100g I found on a website - it might be wrong - or might refer to dried weight as beans are often sold dried.

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