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Beany Wobble

I am so fed up with myself this morning. Last night I had a raging telephone argument with my Mum and sat on the sofa for about an hour like a cold turkey addict before eating a whole tin of baked beans.
Felt awful at the time and feel worse this morning. Slow, bloated and sad.
Why, oh why, do I seem to fall into the same pattern of behaviour? My Mum is the only family I have and yet I know that after a good patch in our relationship when I hope that it will carry on in that vien, but eventually the stinger will come and all buttons will be pressed.

It's like on holiday when you emtpy you shoes for scorpions in the morning, I keep forgetting to look and one day find some six legged creep atatched to my toe.

I'm back on shakes again this morning and I know I only have me to blame, but I still feel so cross at myself for reacting again.

Alone in the office today, so have to come clean to everyone to make sure I don't do this again - don't want to feel like this, it's not good for the soul!

Just looked up at this post - blimey, what a ramble! But thanks guys, feeling much better - as the song says "new dawn, new day" and all that!x
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Nevermind - you are back on shakes today and that is what matters. It's hard, and a blip can happen, but in no means is a failure, so you just get back in the saddle and keep going.

Don't be hard on yourself hon - just use each blip as a learning tool. Next time, remember how you felt afterwards as much as how you are feeling at the moment...use that to help sway you in the other direction.

Good on ya for coming clean, and better on ya for getting right back on track!



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Like BL says, it's a learning opportunity.

You can't change the fact that bad stuff will happen, whether that is an argument with your mum, a speeding ticket, a nightmare at work etc.

What you CAN change, is your reaction to it. Obviously the beans didn't make you feel good (but for the love of god why beans?!?!) so you need to find a guilt free way of dealing with emotional upset.

What do you think would work? Try pampering sessions, brisk walks (always hard to get off the sofa at first, but you always feel better afterwards) a dvd, ring a friend to rant at, post on here, whatever it takes to make you feel better.

Once you get through something really stressful WITHOUT turning to food, you know that you've cracked it and you've got that success to fall back on.

Just practice different coping mechanisms when you're mildly stressed.

Remember that this called a learning curve for a reason! It's never straight up. Every wobble teaches you something about yourself, and that gives you the tools to break bad habits for good.

Most addicts (and that's what we are, like it or not!) have relapses, and those relapses are just PART of the journey, not the end of it.
Dragonfish You have done the right thing, getting back on track and putting it behind you.

Why dont you try promising yourself that you will write it all down before you have the blip and then read it back, it may help.

Mind you it least it was something nice ummm bake beans, I usually eat crap if I cheat:rolleyes:
Yeah, I know, baked beans - what an idiot. Good job I'm working on my own today!

Am currently clutching my lunchtime soup and feeling much better.

It's laughable really when you think about it, but I have realised I am so determined to do this.

Thanks all - really glad I'm on this site and can chat to you all.
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Glad to see you're smiling now Dragonfish - it is a matter of changing your reaction to the 'bad' times as those times are always gonna show their faces ........ hmmmm mums - tell me about it!



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I loved reading this thread!!
Well done Dragonfish for keeping your chin up and looking back at it and learning from it.

Keep going and keep that smile in place.:D


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At least with baked beans you have a fair chance of "getting rid" of the evidence before it causes chaos I mean with all that fibre......blimey, what a thought! :eek::D

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