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BeautifulPeople.com axes 5,000 members for gaining weight


Gotta Make A Change
that is messed up
wheres the motivation
talk about happy new year
Plus, who are they to decide who and what equates beauty?!

I think their actions prove that they are all ugly people inside and who would want to be part of their clique when they are so hideously judgemental?

Not that this has annoyed me or anything! :)

LOL, I'd never have qualified for membership anyway. ;)


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
am i being a bit dense here ... is this a dating agency that you access on line.. am guessing that it can't be .. because otherwise, all you would need to do it lie ? lol .. so this is a real life dating agency that you not only have to be vetted to enter, but then you have to be weighed on a regular basis to make sure that you havent put any weight on .... wow , some people must be really desperate to date, or in desperate need of approval from an external source .. me thinks they go and invest their money in a psychotherapist instead :-D
got to be nice to the possible future MIL then Jess ;)


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
who would want to be beautiful? well i think a lot of people would actually... and not all beautiful people are ugly on the inside .... yes there are plenty of mean and shallow B'ful people, but there are also plenty of mean and shallow not so B'ful people... and to be fair, who decides what IS B'ful. I have a friend who adores skinny man.. personally i wouldnt touch one with a barge pole..., some of us fnd olive skin beautiful, some of think its the englsh rose. Looking back through history, many of us here who are on this journey, would have been considered the 'beautiful people' with our curvey figures and ample buxoms and behinds :) .. and the slim people would have been seen as people much lower,,,, skinny meant having to work hard, physical work, not having enough money for food etc. Its swings and round about, changes from year to year and at the end of the day its what you think of yourself that matters. From an attracting the opposite sex point of view, I have come across plenty of people, female and male you have very much lower than the barr set by the media when it comes to facial / body beauty, but they were SO enigmatic and that certain je ne sais pas - which is generally confidence, passion and self belief alongside a caring, loving and compassionate nature, that it wouldnt have made any difference f they looked like an alien on the outside.. their personality on the inside made them the most beautiful person on the room at that moment in time.
I will say what I always say....... how often o you come across someone who is TOTALLY happy and ease with themselves who takes time out of their day to 'slate' another human being... they don't .. they are too busy living their lives, loving, caring, being happy, discovering etc .... so for those of us that do find ourselves using our precious time to slate others ... in my humble opinion, it generally reflects that there is something about yourself that you are significantly not happy with ( me included as being guilty of this by the way.. am not pointing the finger at anyone) and we would be better off spending that time working on ourselves and being a little bit more consious about our thoughts and words.
..now.. as with all my 'soap box' responses.. lol.. i am going off to hide in my cowards cupboard in case i have pissed anyone off :-D
I dont see what the issue is here...if this site wants to limit their members to what they deem to be beautiful, then why not? If the existing members agree with their policy (assuming they do otherwise why did they join themselves)...the only people likely to have any issue with this are the people who are not allowed to join...and based on the type of people using the site...those people probably wouldnt get a date through it anyway...so screw em!


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
just came to have a peep out of my CC ( Cowards cupboard).. but now Jim is laughing at me so I am going back in to hide / sulk / eat chocolate / think about how god darn awful my life is / come to the conclusion that the world may as well end .. etc ..etc . hey! I'm a woman without any chocolate in her system.. i am ALLOWED to be a drama queen :-D


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
lol i dont think that anyone is 'ugly' on the outside ... plenty of people that are ugly on the inside but thats usually only a by product of the crap that life has thrown at them along the way ... generally speaking we all turn out okay as babies / children ( and i am talking outside individuals with serious medical conditions that do have a serious impact on personality such as psychopaths) .. its just finding a beautiful person that matches your own ideal of beautiful, both physically and mentally :)
Very true well said. I do still think that if you send your photo off to be voted over by other so called beautiful people you have to be a bit vain in the first place so you kind of open yourself up to getting knocked down

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