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Beckys 100% for 100days Diary

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be my diary which I will keep updated as often as i can during my journey through CD.
I am not new to the cambridge diet I did it before over 2 years ago had fantastic losses but I never got to my goal and had to stop for personal reasons. I have wanted to start back on CD for a long time but wanted to make sure I was definitely in the right mindset to do this as I couldnt cope with any more failed attempts.
So about me I'm 26, I have been married for 7years and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. I currently weigh 17st 13lbs and my goal at the moment is 13st which I may tweak when I get there!
There are so many reasons why I am doing this diet but the main one being that I want to be healthy and comfortable in my own skin. I want to be happy and feel confident about the way I look instead of trying to fade into the background. I also feel very ashamed that I have loads of photos of my daughter but very very few of me with her as a photo of me confirmed my weight something which I avoided for so long. In fact it was a photograph of me that made me come to terms with the fact that I needed to do something and which is why I initially started CD 2 years ago. I would also like to have another baby and my husband has been wanting another for ages but I dont want to until I am at a weight that I am happy with and I have been maintaining for a while. I feel I need my weight to be under control first so that i can really enjoy it the second time round.
I am doing SS+, I prefer to do SS however I dont feel as though it is appropriate for my daughter to see me not eating at all. Also I dont think its right to be sat there encouraging her to eat her vegetables whilst I'm sat there drinking a milkshake - so for that reason I am doing SS+.
I love this diet and the motivation that comes with being in ketosis - I plan to do some exercise during my journey but only once ketosis is well established.
I'm on day 1 today and havent found it too bad at all - drinking the water is no problem at all for me as it is was I drink on a regular basis anyway - the hardest times for me are late in the evening - I am a night owl and like to have a munch but will keep busy on this forum to distract me! - I also find it hard when visiting my husbands family as they dont know that I am dieting and it can be quite difficult to not come across rude when they are offering drinks foods etc - but I'll just have to use a few excuses and grit my teeth and after all this isnt forever it is just for right now.
Anyway enough rabbiting from me - today is Day 1 and my goal to start with is to complete 100 days and to remain 100%.
Good luck everyone x x
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Well Day 1 is officially over and I feel on top of the world because I've just done a ketostix and I am in ketosis already!!! - So impressed and so so glad that I decided to cut out the carbs for the previous few days had banging head ache this afternoon but just kept sipping my water and I made it through it - looking forward to day 2 x x
good luck on your journey hun you sound so positive and motivated and thats just what you need to keep going hope it all goes well for you :)x


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Thank u all for ur lovely posts this is just a quick update as it is 3am and really need to get some sleep!!! Today has been a really varied day when i woke up this morning i felt dreadful really lethargic horrible fuzzy head and a bit sicky it was a real effort to drag myself out of bed but with a little girl who was desperate for her breakfast no other option! But once id had my first 500ml bottle of water n tetra i was feeling alot better and it really felt the more water i drank the better i felt! So by the afternoon i was back on track feeling great then my hubby called to say we were visiting his family in the evening and as they live far away we have to stay the night! I was dreading it as i know that at is familys it is litetally food after food n even more food put in front of u accompanied with a wide range of drinks the majority full of sugar or alcohol!! So got my self in state not because i couldnt say no with my family i cud easily reject food and be.honest that i am on a diet but with hubbys family they are from a different.country and they provide so much food as a mark of respect that its actually quite rude not to accept . So we arrived n i told myself just to go with the flow n try to pick my food n just keep talking, i was quite surprised.when we arrived that there were no nibbles on the table n then it was dinner time my moment of dread and just as i sat down my aunty in law said.its ok i know so just do and have whateber is best for u, so clearly i was so relieved and thankfully there.was some chicken n salad.anyway so i stuck to cjicken n cucumber and as i am doing ss+ it was perfect dinner prob not 100% but very close! Above all tho im so pleasedwith my husband.cos he had spoken to his aunty n he said that he didnt want me to feel as tho i had to compromise myself because of his family n i feel really supported by him for doing that so still on track and loving it cant wait for weigh in hope everyone has had a good day x


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Sorry for the spelling mistakes I sent my post from phone n obviously cant type on my phone!. Also i started previous post saying just a quick update which then turned into an essay -typical me waffle waffle waffle.x


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Hi Dancing - thanks and I hope my diary motivates you!! - I lost alot of weight before on CD - but slowly but surely I started putting it back on - look forward to hearing about your journey - and hopefully completing our 100days around the same time x


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Hi everyone - quick diary update - havent been on much as ketosis has definitely kicked in and I just have so much motivation been keeping really busy!. Today was Day 4 of my journey and another 100% day - I'm having a weigh in tomorrow - bit early but the scales are already showing a fab loss!! - Yes I am a serial weigher I know I shouldnt but just cant stop my self - also have to admit that I am also a pee on a stick addict - so topped up with ketostix yesterday for my constant testing - dont know why I feel the need too as I know I am not eating so no way possible I could be out of ketosis - but if it keeps me away from the fridge thats all that matters. I'm finding it a breeze a the moment no cravings or anything but then again I knew my head was in the right place this time.
I went for a lovely massage this morning - my treat myself for getting into ketosis - so feeling so fresh and de-stressed.
I am definitely loving this diet!!!!!!


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So I have been for a weigh in today and I lost 8lbs along with an 5 and 1/2 inches - and Ive only been doing this diet for 5days!!!! - will update my signature when I have complete a week - so happy with these results definitely given me the motivation to continue - feeling great again today - been feeling slightly hungry but think that was because I chewed some gum - will definitely avoid this in the future!


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Hi everyone, so day 8 officially over the scales havent moved since wednesday but totm is due so guessing thats the reason! So 8lbs for this week which im so pleased with! But more importantly 8 days 100% never thought id be able to get to this point again so feeling great! Still on ketosis high and loving it!! Hopefully after totm has passed i'll have a good loss - i ordered a wii fit to compliment this diet n it arrived today perfect timing so hopefully that will help with the losses n toning as well. I plan to do 150 mins on it each week to start with n started tonight with 30 mins, going for a run in the morning as well I really want to lose this weight but be fit at the same time. As i know if i can incorporate exercise.into my daily living now its something i will continue with n will help me maintain when I get to goal x


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ok Day 9 over - cant believer how quickly the days are passing - still no movement on the scales - but I know Ive been 100% so the weights gonna have to shift at some point! Loving the wii fit - I have done an hour on it this evening - just gentle exercise easing myself into as I dont want to make myself ill or starving!!!
Still on ketosis high - havent felt hungry at all - which is why I love this diet. Drinking water like a fish and averaging just over 3litres each day. Dont know if its my imagination but my trousers felt bigger when I put them on this morning. Really hoping the scales start to move soon as CDC coming on Monday - and the I wont see her for 10days after that!
Been really busy today cleaning the house from top to bottom I wish I had this energy everyday - its amazing as well that when Im on this diet that I always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day whereas normally I just feel like hitting snooze I guess a lot of that is the water as well!
Hope everyone is doing well x


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Hi Becky, Dont worry those scales will catch up with u eventually - I know how it can make you feel tho your putting in the effort and not seeing the instant results lol we are just impatient I think. I bought Zumba for the Wii the other day and have been doing that, have u tried it? I havent done a Zumba class before I just thought Id find out what all the craze was about and its actually quite fun. Im looking to get a fitness game, which one do u use?
Hi, Well thats Day 13 done and dusted - have been struggling last few days not been feeling hungry just been feeling poorly. TOTM eventually arrived on Monday night - and its really knocked me this month dont know why?? Have spent last two days feeling fuzzy and just absolutely shattered. Starting to feel a bit better now - hopefully I am over the worst - think I might be anaemic as nasty period is soooooo heavy!!! sorry tmi!! but anyway I have still stuck to my diet 100% havent even thought about cheating - i dont feel hungry at all - my cdc has advised me to up my water a bit - so now i am aiming for 4l per day!!!

Mishi - Zumba sounds fun havent tried it - I'll add it to my to buy list!! I do the standard wii fit mainly the stepping as my bum and thighs are definitely my problem areas - and can really feel it working -- love the fact I can do it whenever suits me

Anway will be weighing myself on Friday and hopefully the scales will move this time - I see my CDC every 10 days but prefer a weekly weigh in so I'm going by my scales every friday morning at 9am.

off to bed for me - hope everyone is getting on ok x x
hi becky dont worry about the fuzzyness i still get it from time to time.ive ordered zumba for the wii waiting for it to arrive.i also have ten minute workout dvds they are quite good but defo only do 10 mins to start with i thought id be brave and do 30 mins and pulled all my muscles lol.

you sound very positive about being a 100% on the diet hun and that is defo the key to sticking to it so heres to your journey to skinnyville well done and good luck hunnie not that you will need it :)xxx
Thanks mum of five for you comments let me know how u get on with zumba? Congrats on ur progress so far will post more late just off for a walk.x
hi becky well zumba is good if your co-ordinated which im not lol was fun to do though so im going to keep practicing.
hope your having a good day hun :)xx
Hi so its officially Day 17 ( well it will be when I go to bed and wake up)!! - I'm feeling so much better - 2weeks done and 14lbs off cant be bad!!!- I feel as tho this diet is so easy at the moment I dont feel hungry, I dont have any cravings too be honest I dont even think about food at all - I prepare and eat my ss+ almost in a robotic fashion - I dont majorly enjoy it , I dont hate it - I just have it!! - My whole attitude has changed towards to food at the moment and I hope it stays this way - if someone said to me now right you can have anything you want and it wont affect your diet there isnt anything that I would really want - strange aren't I? - been busy keeping up with the exercise - still loving the wii fit - think I will order the zumba sounds good although Im not very co-ordinated either!!!
Cant believe how quickly the days are passing - can feel and see my body changing already Im making sure I mosturise loads in hope of reducing any sagging skin left behind!
My hubby surprised me tonight by telling me that we are going away next weekend - just the two of us! - dont know where we are going just been told to pack and be ready for when he picks me up after he's finished work - so excited! Think I might go shopping for something a bit sexy this week - and hopefully if I leave it towards the end of the week I should be down a size (hopefully!!!) - so loving the CD still - havent really had any hard days yet - had the days when I didnt feel well but in terms of being hungry or lethargic I've been so lucky that Ive had none. Im drinking like a fish, keeping myself busy and just enjoying my life where I am not controlled by food anymore!!
Hope everyone is getting on well and hope you all have a good day tomorrow - off to bed for me now as it is 3am!!!

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