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Becky's Diary

Me in a nutshell:

I'm a re-starter but I've never got to my goal, the most I have lost was almost 1 stone and that was recently and I was dead happy and on my way, but unfortunately I have gone back to my starting weight. :cry: I think work is having a large impact at the moment; I got made redundant last year and I'm currently on a temporary contract but it has the chance of leading onto a permanent role. It's really busy and I feel like I'm on a year long job interview so I'm letting it interfere :/ *correction- have been letting it interfere!

I hate talking about being overweight or dieting with friends/family. I love this forum because it's very refreshing for me to talk about this! My family are all quite slim and my sister is teenytiny!

I've had success in the past using food focus to calorie count combined with the gym so I'm getting myself back into this. I'm going to keep this diary to help me review what I've been doing and so it's going to be warts and all so it's likely to be less than perfect ;)

So, here I go!
:fingerscrossed: :sign0144: :fingerscrossed:

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Sunday 27th June: Calories 1188 / Fat 45 / Carbs 122 / Pro 74

I've got a decent pair of kitchen scales now so I can weight everything accurately which makes it much easier! I'm taking hoodia which is supposed to be an appetite suppressant, I do feel an effect but it's too early days to decide if this is a placebo effect or not yet! Also in the hot weather I drink lots of water.
My calorie target is 1204 (before exercise) for a 1.5lb loss per week.

Breakfast: I was boiling hot and thirsty so I made an apple and pear juice and had a 0% total greek yogurt with 2 tsp of acacia honey. -320cals

Snack: Cup of tea and chocolate marshmallow. -68cals

Lunch: Avocado and leaves salad and a glass of light blackcurrant squash. -236cals

Snack: Cantaloupe melon and two cups of tea. -52cals

Dinner: Mmm I made a lovely roast chicken (I had mostly white meat and a little leg) and had a big pile of swede and cabbage with it. And a cup of tea, I'm a bit addicted to tea! -512cals


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Tea isn't an addiction it's a way of life, lol.

I hope everything works out for you this time, this forum is massively supportive so hopefully you find it helpful :)

WHat I've found over the last few weeks is to just not let myself get hungry, coz if I'm hungry I tend to scoff.
Also, mini-milks, they're literally sent from heaven, they taste amazing and are only 30 cals.

Best wishes.
Monday 28th June: Calories 1382 (target 1563 after excercise) / Fat 28 / Carbs 182 / Pro 80
Walked to work and back - 40 mins / 2.2 miles / est 140cals burnt
Treadmill - 15 mins walking & 20 minutes jogging / approx 3.5km / est 219cals burnt

Thanks Pink! Mmm I remember mini-milks, that's a great tip! I'm going to look for those! I totally agree about not getting to that hungry point- I call what follows 'food frenzy', I just shove stupid stuff into my mouth and regret it right after!
Kicked my arse back to the gym today, the gym man actually said 'Oh we haven't seen you in a while', it showed him on the computer when I was last there hehe! Busted! He didn't say it in a bad way at all mind you :)

Breakfast: Shreddies and skimmed milk -208cals

Snack: Small apple, 1 small honeycomb flapjack from Graze box & cup of coffee. -152cals

Lunch: Homemade wholewheat couscous salad with left over roast chicken, olives and cucumber. Cup of tea and a packet of cheddar cheese and spring onion velvet crunch. -478cals

Snack: Cup of tea -14cals

Dinner: Risotto made with left over roast chicken- there still some chicken for tomorrows lunch too! -470cals

Snack: Options indulgence chocolate brownie drink made with water -60cals



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good luck hun x


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They're (mini-milks) on sale in asda atm, or they were last week anyway.

Omg all of your food sounds amazing, how do you make couscous? can you just buy the rice-y stuff? lol.

Lol @gym, I'm glad I dont have a swipe card, just a temp paper one. It's defo worth going to the gym, it makes a massive difference n helps make up for any of the mistakes you make food wise, lol.

What you up to this week?
Thanks guys!

The couscous is pretty easy, it's just a case of making sure you get some flavour into it; I put a bit of tomato puree and harissa paste (finally found this after some searching in supermarket with olives and stuff like that, it's like a spicy paste) into the stock then soak the couscous in that. You pretty much just leave it to absorb the water then once it's cooled down abit throw whatever in, like feta and cherry tomatoes works well! Normally I don't like wholewheat versions like the pasta you can get but I do get wholewheat couscous and I think it's actually nicer!

I'm sure you can buy risotto ready made but I bet it's way more naughty! Normally you are told to constantly stir it and slowly add stock for half an hour which is a hassle but I saw Gizzi on Cook Yourself Thin bake it in the oven. Here is her recipe, she puts seafood with it but I just ignored all that part (just did steps 1 and 2 but without chorizo or the spices) and threw in some chicken at the end. I wasn't sure if putting it in the oven would work but it really did and I think it's the best I've ever made it and much easier!

My sister is coming up this weekend and we are going to go shopping, I've got us a GBK voucher where you can get two burger and chips for £10 so I'll have to make sure we shop til we drop to make up for it. That should be easy with my sis! I'm not really sure if there are any lower cal alcohol options? That might be where it goes a bit wrong! :)
29th June 2010: Calories 1189 (target after excercise 1506) / Fat 23 / Carbs 151 / Pro 82
Treadmill - 15 mins walking & 30 minutes jogging / approx 4.9km / est 302cals burnt

I was suprised I could do 30 minutes jogging in total again after not going for so long although I did turn into a very red, very drippy person.

Breakfast: Shreddies and skimmed milk & cup of tea -222cals

Snack: Cup of tea, cup of coffee & apple -113cals

Lunch: Homemade wholewheat couscous salad with left over roast chicken, olives and cucumber & cup of tea -398cals

Snack: A few wasabi peanut crackers (Graze) and 1 laughing cow light cheese triangle YUM I love cheese and saw these mentioned on here, so good and only 25cals! -61cals

Dinner: Trout (I'm a bit scared of cooking fish but luckily my boyfriend can, he baked it in tin foil with some grainy mustard and spring onion), with courgette and new potatoes. Cup of tea and two pieces of cadburys caramel -395cals
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30th June 2010: Calories 864 (target 1344 after excercise) / Fat 28 / Carbs 102 / Pro 45
Walked to work and back - 40 mins / 2.2 miles / est 140cals burnt

I had bought the stuff to make turkey hoisin wraps for tonight but I didn't fancy much, I'll have to make those tomorrow instead! I felt a little hungry after lunch and craved the snack machine but I managed to resist then once I had drunk a tea I felt fine, I think I tend to eat a snack after a meal but before my body has realised it's eaten! I'm going to try and always leave it 20 minutes after a meal before grabbing a snack.

Breakfast: Shreddies in skimmed milk & cup of coffee -233cals

Snack: Apple and coffee -74cals

Lunch: Sweet & crispy salad box with tub of light prawn cocktail & cup of tea -246cals

Snack: Graze snacks: Some wasabi peanut crackers, mini pile of raisins & dried mulberries. Laughing cow light cheese triangle and a cup of coffee -138cals

Dinner: Some olives & a cup of instant miso soup. Total greek yogurt (0% fat) & two tsp acacia honey -173cals


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Heya, glad to see that you're doing well. Well done for the jogging!
Best wishes.
1st July: Calories 1313 (target 1344 after excercise) / Fat 24 / Carbs 195 / Pro 74
Walked to work and back - 40 mins / 2.2 miles / est 140cals burnt

Walked to work in silly sandles and got a blisser on the bottom of my foot! Ouch! That's going to be interesting when shopping on Saturday! Had a long day at work and feel bleeehh!

Breakfast: Shreddies in skimmed milk & cup of tea -222cals

Snack: Apple, cheese and onion french fried, two large chocolate buttons and two cups of coffee -251cals

Lunch: Medium sushi pack and cup of tea -363cals

Snack: Laughing cow light cheese triangle and cup of tea -39cals

Dinner: Turkey hoisin wraps with corn on the cob and cup of tea -438cals


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Oh bad times, summer shoes are always that bit more painful. Well done for walking to work though, do you feel better for it when you get there?
06 July 2010: Calories 1188 (target after excercise 1633) / Fat 43 / Carbs 133 / Pro 67
Walked to work and back - 40 mins / 2.2 miles / est 132cals burnt
Gym - 25 mins treadmill walking & jogging / 10 mins cross trainer / Weights & Sit-ups etc 15 mins est 287cals burnt

Yeah! I love walking to work when I can be bothered, I listen to my MP3 player and get there much happier and awake than if I drive. I just need to walk in my trainers and take shoes in a bag I think!

I had such a nice weekend shopping with my sister but those changing room mirrors are a little scary! Do I really need a 360 view?? Maybe it's for the best ;)
I was mostly good over the weekend. I cooked all of the food when we were home to keep calories down. On Saturday night I made Cook Yourself Thin pizza grattin thingy and on Sunday Cook Yourself Thin spiced shepherds pie. We did have a bacon sandwich before shopping though and a couple of glasses of wine that night. Mind you we were out shopping all day so I must have made up for it abit!

I'm abit stuck weighing myself. When I went to the Dr about two weeks ago I came in at 13 stone / 82.6kg. I used the gym scales a week later and they were showing 12 1/2 stone / 79.4kg so I'm guessing they show a lower weight, they do look abit battered! Today they were showing 12 stone 4lb / 78.0kg but I don't really know where I am at, stupid scales! I don't want to spend a fortune on some and I'm not sure if cheap ones will be any better!

Breakfast: Shreddies with skimmed milk & cup of tea -222cals

Snack: Chocolate teacake, pink lady apple & two cups of coffee -204cals

Lunch: Salad with light prawn cocktail. Light choices potato snacks & cup of coffee -407 cals

Snack: Laughing cow light cheese and cup of coffee -40cals

Dinner: Trout with mustard and red onion, new potatoes, broccoli and two cups of tea -315cals


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I got some properly cheap scales form a supermarket, asda I think, and they're fine. I mean they may not be 100% accurate, but as long as you're weighing yourself on the same scales every week you have a better idea of if you're going up or down or sts.

Gods, I look in the mirror as little as possible usually, those changing room ones are awful, i feel your pain there. Oh well. Buy anything nice?
7th July 2010: Calories 1236 (Target after excercise 1336) / Fat 47 / Carbs 143 / Pro 57
Excercise: Walked to work and back - 40 mins / 2.2 miles / est 132cals burnt

I got a couple of work tops and some lovely dark red converse trainers!
Good point about the scales! I'll see if the supermarket has some cheap ones!

When I looked back over what I ate today I had loads! :eating: Whenever I have a snack like olives etc I always make sure I only have a small amount but I'm still surprised I can have all of this and make it in around 1200 cals! :)

Breakfast: Shreddies with skimmed milk and cup of tea -222cals

Snack: Prunes, peanuts & cup of coffee -125cals

Lunch: Tuna mayo sandwich, light choice potato snacks and cup of tea -599cals

Snack: Olives, light laughing cow cheese triangle and cup of coffee -67cals

Dinner: Grilled red pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms and had with a poached egg. Cadbury choc mallow for pudding! -223cals
You are doing really well, and sound focused and determined, good luck! (I was weighed at the drs this morning, and was nearly 5kg heavier on those scales than on mine-sigh-)


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Yeh it's amazing how much food you can eat and still come in at your target, it's just all about eating the right types of food.

Hope that things continue to go as well as they have been, you're doing great :)

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