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Erm im a little reluctant to start a thread, cos then if i fail people will know about. But, well im not gona fail (right?:confused: ) so here i go, lets try and start with and optimistic outlook! :)

I did lighter life then cambridge earlier this year. Went from 17.9, to 13.1, then fell off and couldnt get back on.

I had a boob job a couple of months ago, which was supposed to be my reward for losing all the weight. Id calculted how long it would take me, and thats when i had it, but unfortunatly i wasnt even close to target then.

Iv put on quite a bit since then (three stone maybe-will see at my cdc's tonight), and was going to wait till after xmas before going back to ss. But the depression of being so over weight is becoming overwhelming, and i know it will only get worse if dont do some something about it now.

So even though this probably isnt the right time of year, im going to go for it.

I would like to lose at least a stone and a half by xmas (6 weeks, thats do-able right?) and deal with my works xmas do and xmas day as they come alone (im really hoping i can be super strong and ss through the lot-what a buzz that will give me!)

So im off to see my cdc tonight, then starting tomorrow. Really hope the first few days arent too bad. At times it has brought on the depression so severly in those few days, but im really hoping i can fight it and stay kinda up at least. Im sure it was diva that said on another thread that depression is a decision, well i shall try to chose to escape it :)

Well erm thats me. Oh and im 22, work as an administrator at a Used Car Dealership (very very long hours) live with two (kinda) friends and have a bf who is ok most of the time!

Lotsa love to anyone who read!
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Hi!! Good luck tonite;ve done this before so you know wat your up against....1.5 stone is soooo doable by Christmas, as long as you stick to it...

I felt kind of the same when I started by diary, that people would know if I fail, but in the end maybe thats wat I need!!
Ah thanks Kazz, sweet of you to reply!

I think i need to just get through the first week, have a big loss, get some of that buzz back, then ill be ok. Thats the plan anyway!

And your right, maybe the bit of pressure of letting people know how im doing will help keep me going!
Thanks Julie,

How you doing? It was you that was interested in surgery? And i was emailing your sis in law? Has she gone ahead?

Your right about xmas. I know food is traditionaly a big part of the day. But thats a bit sad really isnt it. It should be about spending quality time with my family. And that is what i will concentrate in this year
Hi bex,
yeah my sis in law is hoping to have surgery after crimbo!

Me i am sort of back to square one diet wise so its all on hold !I know what you mean about crimbo all my hubby keeps on about is food ! Grrr

I am following weightwatchers after a fashion but i feel myself veering towards cambridge all the time !!

Had so many restarts although i am tempted to start with the CD 1500 but its still only a thought at the mo !

Will check in with you tomorrow take care luv Julie xxx
Thanks Is. Have been reading your thread (soooo pleased your posting again! Really keeps me going) I wish you all the luck in the world with shifting your two stone, and i know you are strong like bull and will do it!

Hi Julie, I think most of this lark is getting your head round it. If your head isnt in the right place, you just cant make yourself do it. I hope you find a way of doing whats right for you. And if Jo (thats right yeah?) needs to ask anymore questions bout cosmetica tell her to feel free! Speak to you tomorrow

Lotsa love,
Day one

Well its day one and im here.

Saw my cdc last night and i weighed in at 15 stone 11 (eeek!) but she was really nice and said we will tackle this one stone at a time.

Iv so far drank a litre of water and had a tomatoe soup.

Work is very very stresfull today (my boss has just had a right winge :( ) which doesnt make this easier. But i am not giving up. Not for one day. Not till im gorgeous!!!

Lotsa love,
Hi Becky,

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey.

So much of this diet business is in the head...I always say if my head is right it is easy to do it...just getting the old head right is the hard part.:(

Day 1 again for me of good intentions.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Kirsten, Im just staying out of his way to be honest!!

Hi Mini, I know what you mean about your head in the right place, and i finally feel that mine is, so I CAN do this now. Good luck with the good intentions.

Lotsa love,
You can do it!

I've only been on CD 15 days but its been one of the hardest things ever lol!

I still have about 2 / 2.5 stone to lose so if you need any support or encouragement or a pat on the back drop me a mail - I am in the same boat as you (health wise) and I know EXACTLY how you feel about being in the right place etc.

Hope you feel a bit more positive in another day or 2.
Thanks BurtBird.

Its just a bit daunting knowing im not going to eat again for 5 months.

I know once i get one week one over with itll be easier. Buts its just tough not being able to numb all the stress with food. I have do deal with it instead, not fun :(

Never mind eh.

And well done you for getting to day 15 :)

Had a quick look on your blog and noticed your stats. Right now id kill to be your start weight! lol

Lotsa love,
Hey Bex,
Well done you so far so good right !!

Remember what your cdc says 1 stone at a time dont be thinking in months ! every day is a bonus you know you can do it!!! just remember its not if you lose weight but when and if do it right and you only need to do it once !

With you all the way hun xxxx Julie xxxx
well you got me here hun, and i know you can do it, jeez, we have been through it and we are both still standing, lets feel the fear and lets do it anyway? loves ya sweetie and call me if ya need me. im so proud of you
Hi Julie, your right, one day at a time. And i made it to day 2 (yay!)

Hi Debs, thanks for posting, its good to have you here with me. We'll both get there in the end hun. Keep posting here, i need ya!

Lotsa love,
Well i made it to day 2 and so far i feel fine :)

Yesterday was the biggie cos i could have easily ate then and said 'ill start tomorrow', but today i dont want to eat cos then ill be falling off, if that makes sense.

Im really struggling with the water though. Only drank about a glass so far. Will try and drink two litres today if poss.

Hope anyone thats reading is doing ok,

Lotsa love,