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Becoming a CDC


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HI everybody do not know where to post this, but here we go. I have been talking to my cdc about becoming one myself at later date. I love the diet and could do with extra money. My question is there is quite few cdc in my area, does the market get saturated? Would I have still have chance to have enough people..... etc. Anybody here has any experience with this?Thank you
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Hi bib, i don't really no much about becoming a CDC but have thought about doing when i reach goal (long way off yet :D) i think you might have to have maintained for a least a year before you can be put forward on it. I think if there are already alot of CDC's in your area you should ask your own CDC how much need there is for a new CDC, there can always be one closer to the client lol and the majority of people i have spoken to do have to travel quite far to reach theirs, i no i do, and wish i didn't have to travel an hour on the bus every week :)


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Distance is a good point. As many of us have children at school and have to work, the closer the CDC the better. I am very very lucky to live in a village that has a CDC and she doesnt mind if i have to take the kids. I'm sure as a CDC the more you advertise yourself and the diet the more clients you get. There have been many threads over the months about good and bad CDCs and if you are good you will find no shortage of clients.
I wish you well on your journey.


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You have to be sponsered by your CDC, you can do this once you reach a BMI of 28 or lower. I have acheived this tonight and tomorrow my CDC is going to phone CD for the forms to sponsor me...really excited. Good luck with becoming a CDC. xx


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Thank to you all. Yes I have spoken to my CDC about it last night on my WI my bmi is just little bit ove 27 but she said that I would have to be under 27 bmi.If you deside to go ahead with it where are you going to work from? Home, mobile village/church hall? I have big exam to do on friday the 13 from insurance that is the field I work in so once i have that out of the way maybe I will go ahead with CDC.

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There are some CDC's that visit people in their homes, this may be something you could think off :)

I'd really be speaking to the other CDC's in the area to find out how they've got on, how they find being a CDC and if there is enough 'work' for you in your area :)

I don't know if CDC's can advertise, but I used to work for a certain lingeri 'party' firm and although different I got a fair bit of work from adverts, just small ones in the right paper makes a big difference. :)

Good luck - and you you Tracey :)


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Yes I have thought of that, but it would be nice to hear from somebody that actualy does it. My cdc is working from home she has very nice room for it.
When I decided to train as a counsellor I was worried as there are a lot of CDC's in my area too.

However I havent found it a problem. I am constantly busy although it took a little time setting up my business.

I work from home and use my conservatory as my office. I have found that word of mouth is my best advertisement. I try to provide my clients with the best service I can give them, and always try to give a little more. My clients doing well on the diet is essential to business as if they succeed and reach goal word soon gets around and referrals will come from them.

I'm sure your CDC will help as much as she can and also everyone at head office is extremely helpful too, I hope you decide to go for it, you'll find it really rewarding.

Good luck



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It's a difficult one. We have about a dozen within 10 minute car drive from me and the word doesn't get around until you've had a least one who will talk :D

Of course, you raise your chances of getting your name out if you are prepared to do the advertising.

I found Cambridge to be very fair with setting up the business :)


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sorry have no idea the answer to this, just wanted to say hi as im just down the road from you in farnborough:) :wavey:

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