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Becoming a LL Locum


Sorry I dont know, would be interesting to find out. I think to become a LLC you need lots of money!! :D Not sure about a Locum though
yes its worth every moment of your time, the people that dont do RTM are the first to pile it all on.

Also it helps to shape your mind towards gealthy eating as that is the primary teaching point of RTM.

So a big YES :)
A locum just stands in for you LLC is they are on holiday or sick. We had one for a couple of weeks and she was great. A real giggle. Its like an understudy!!!


Fighting Demons....
Oh! Excellent. I get it now.

Do it! Sounds like a great opportunity for fun fun fun! All of the people you can help along the way!

B x
Great idea - just as long as they treat you better than we used to treat our supply teachers at school ;-)
daisy x


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My LLC has asked me to come in and talk to her new starters about goals as I'm always banging on about them in my group (I had about 20 lol). I'm really looking forward to that. I don't think I'd want to go as far as being a locum and dealing with all the admin that involves but I'm more than happy to give some new starters the benefit of the experience I've had.

Maybe getting involved with the new groups in that sort of way is an avenue that's open to you. My LLC is in no way bad with the blokes but I get the impression she would like someone who talks their language from time to time.

I used to work for LL in the Head Office (Call centre) and used to speak to a few of the locums who basically fill in for sickness/hoidays etc. They really enjoyed it and didnt have the added pressure of all the other stuff that comes with running classes etc. Go for it I'm sure you will enjoy it



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Hi All,

Thanks for the responses - I am still thinking it over, but i think I'm leaning more towards going for it :)

If I get that chance to help people the way I feel I have been helped by LL, then I would be doing somthing really good...

I'll let you all know how I get on, if/when I do!!

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