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Just wanted to share my findings today with you all. I've just been chcking out lean minced beef on "Sins Online" - Did you know the ONLY lean minced beef if Tesco Healthy Living!!?? This has really shocked me because I was under the impression that any lean beef is free on Red. I have also checked out Asda, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and the Co-Op.. ALL SINNED!! Your feedback or an alternative would be appreciated xx
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I may be wrong but for minced beef to be free hun it needs to be extra lean minced beef (less than 5% fat) x
oh no i buy mine from asda :cry: Is extra lean minced beef free??
That is shocking....

Maybe chicken or turkey mince could be an alternative? Even mince your own lean beef so you know it hasn't got fat on?

Failing that- Quorn. I make a quorn chili using the mince and its filling and quite delicious.


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Basic/Non Branded Foods Beef, Beef, mince, extra lean 28g raw
0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green 2 Syns

I would assume this is everywhere. I didnt know this!!

Basic/Non Branded Foods Beef, Beef, mince, lean 28g raw

½ Syn on Extra Easy
Original ½ Syn
Green 2½ Syns

Its not too damaging tho but still!!!
Yes it is quite shocking, the supermarkets I mentioned above only have a "lean" alternative not extra lean. The only one I've managed to find is the Tesco Healthy Living - Tesco is mileeeeeeees away from me!!!
Is this not just Syns Online being annoying and not bringing back your search results? I was using it at the weekend and it refused to tell me any syn free yoghurts at Morrisons!


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Hi Victoria

It's the extra lean mince that's free. If you check p54 of the new Food Optimising book it gives the syns for extra lean and lean. The Tesco healthy Living Mince is on Lifeline Online as extra lean.

It's one of those things you have to be VERY careful with xxx
what about butcher mince??

He told me his mince is lean and it is leaner then any supermarket stuff I get as the water/fat never comes out of it, but should I be sinning it??

He has told me if I give him a few days notice he will do me Turkey mince....
I haven't used minced beef for ages because I couldn't get hold of the extra lean - managed to get some from Asda a couple of weeks ago so bought some to freeze too! xxx
It's a total PITA as I have a 40 minute walk to the closest Tesco. I have a Sainsburys & Iceland nearby and neither do Extra Lean mince. Aaaghhhhhhh!!!!

Sainsbury's do have extra lean mince, I bought some today, 4.5% fat :D. They used to have it in a be good to yourself pack but they changed it. The label looks just like the lean mince so be carefull.
I think this needs investigating lol, I'm off to Morrisons tomorrow so I'll check it out and update this thread, oh and also give the mother in law the packet of lean mince I can't use!!!
I get my mince from a farm shop and although not labelled 'extra lean', it's far, far leaner than any I've had from the supermarket. Plus, I drain off any fat that comes out as I fry it seperately, so to be honest, I don't syn it...

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