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Been away for a while just popped into say.....

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
......Hi, i'm still around...Just about!!!

Been having a really rough couple of weeks & been very down, doc has put me back on anti D's :sigh: a strong dose to knock me out & help me sleep!

Work has been getting me down & i've been finding it hard to cope, getting really short tempered with everyone & that's not me!!! I just have no energy at the moment & to be honest i can't really be bothered to find any :sigh:. Family have been great & really understanding, hubby is so patient with me & is being my rock, today is the first day i've felt like coming on line, for those that know me will know, i can't usually stay away...lol

Anyway i'm sure with the help of my great GP & my wonderful family i will get past this bad spot & be back to my looney self soon....

Hope i haven't put a downer on your day????

Happy CD-ing speak to you all soon.....

Love ya loads...xxxxx
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Lisa Marie

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Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good Mandi, sounds like you're on your way to getting things sorted. Hope you're feeling like your old self again soon.

Take care hun. x
Awww Mandi - I've been asking everyone if they've heard from you - even posted a new thread to see if you were alright. I had the feeling that summat was wrong. I'm glad you're doing something positive to deal with the depression - believe me, I know what it's like to be at the bottom of a huge black hole. I thought I would never claw my way back out but things are better these days and that's what you have to focus on.
Things DO get better - Everything passes.
Even if you can't see it right now - you will and you have all of us to support you.
You have been a great source of encouragement to me and you have been greatly missed.
Please take care and add me to hotmail if you like
[email protected]
Lots of love and hugs to you
aww mandi darlin, hope you feel better soon. Your hubby sounds amazing! Find strength from him darling.

Sending lots of hugs xxxx


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You have been missed Mandi - Hope you feel better soon xx


Fed up of being fat
Hope you feel better soon Mandi ((hugs))!!


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Hey Mandi, big hug! I know what it feels like and it sucks but when things are bad just remember the best is yet to come! We're all here if you fancy a chat about anything, I'm sure you know that tho :) And give hubby a nice big pat on the back from us for being super duper and being a big support for ya!
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Aww Mandi, hope you're feeling your usual lively cheery self soon hun! I've missed you around here too! Who else will listen to me going on about Mr Depp and Mr Hetfield etc? ;)

Sending you lots of Hoff Hugs mate! And your lovely man too! What a gem you've got there! ;):D

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

For all your lovely kind words it's really appreciated...xxx

As each day passes things are slowly getting better, actually ventured out down the town on my own today was really pleased with myself. It's my son's girlfriends 21st on sunday & i couldn't go without getting her a pressie. That made me push myself to go out!!

Got to see the GP at the end of next week, so i may feel stronger to be signed back to work coz it drives me mad being here at home all day on my Own :sigh: Can't win at the moment, finding it hard to cope around people but at the same time i hate being on my own!!! As my hubby always says 'i'm a hard woman to please'.....lol

Hi Mandi, i know how your other half feels, Mrs g is on anti Ds aswell and i know how hard it can be sometimes, but i`m glad you are feeling better, you have been missed on the other thread, which i`m winning by the way:D :gen126:


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Got to see the GP at the end of next week, so i may feel stronger to be signed back to work coz it drives me mad being here at home all day on my Own :sigh:
Hi Mandi,

Just wondering how you are?

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