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Been away!

Hi all!

Been away for 9days to see my friend in Barcelona so not been on LT but have managed to lose 2lbs which I suppose is better than putting on!

Had a fab time and done lots of eating and drinking, lovely spanish tapas and red wine!!! YUM! Its so crap being back in England!

So really got to crack on with the LT now im back as go to get my measurements taken for my wedding dress in 2weeks time!! AAAHH :eek:!
Really lacking motivation at the moment tho!
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Back on the wagon!
Well done for loosing 2lbs while drinking and eating...thats fab.
thanks guys! im please i still managed to lose but really need to get my head around SSing again, after lots of lovely food its hard! but it needs to be done!


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Welcome back zachara,

Well done on losing 2lbs. on your holidays!!!

YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL TO BE ABLE TO LOSE 2LBS WHILE EATING AND DRINKING!! I WANT TO BE ON YOUR DIET!! Whoops just typed this all in capitals and I cant be bothered changing it so please note that I am not shouting or really excited just pleased for you and fat fingered!


Back on the wagon!

Zachara......did you follow a particular "Diet" when you were on hols.


Back on the wagon!
I know but I am jealous so wnat to know the secret!! LOL><
Not really much of a secret but stayed on Vodka and Tonics as much as poss (although I did indulge in the occasional glass of red wine!) and food-wise avoided carbs as much as possible...stuck on spanish omlettes for brekkie, then for dinners cold meats, parma ham YYUUUMMMM!!!, cheese, salads, olives etc (bit like atkins style stuff)

Also it was very warm so wasnt really eating a great deal anyway and we went camping 4 3days so did lots of walking and bike riding!

So girls im afraid its not really a secret but just tried to be good! :p
So just be good and avoid the carbs hmmm I just had a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast (im on a break) do they count as carbs do you think???? Joke, I know they do!! Bum
To be honest Rach I think we all need a bit of a break now and again! it is a very hard diet and think after a few weeks it can be a bit demotivating. :sigh:

As im back off my hols, im a bit more motivated to start again AND ive been the gym straight after work tonight, just got home now and gonna do some sit ups while I watch EastEnders!!....hoping every effort helps this week as get my wedding dress measurements taken on Sat...:D! YEY!!
I would go to the gym after work but I just don't have the time with the kids (thats my excuse and Im sticking to it) I usually try to get out at least once a week for big walk but I didnt get out last week at all and this week is not looking good either!! How long until your wedding?


Back on the wagon!
Gyms love me LOL....I pay the membership and then go twice in the year.... I am going to Curves (30 minute workout) at the moment about 2 times a week is about all I can manage....but I am finding I am getting some good muscle tone back...PLUS they also ring me to ask were I am when I dont show....so I feel motivated go along!!! LOL
I've just got one of those mini steppers. We shall see how long my love of it lasts....
I got one of those lateral thigh trainers from ebay £19.99 not the £79.99 they sell them for on the shopping channels. I only used it for about two weeks and it broke so I gave up on it !
Hey Rach

Get married on sat 14 June 08! I cant wait, but as I said would still like to get the weight off before! Thats why ive started the gym so can start toning up.

Benn tonight again after work but giving it a rest over weekend, will go Mon morning I think! x

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