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Been burgled,can't sleep

:cry:I have just been burgled. I woke up at 3am to my BF getting in from a night out. When he came to bed he fell asleep and I was still awake, I then heard the creaking of the door open so I thought he left it open in his drunken state- so I opened bedroom door to see what it was, and I could see a light from a moblie phone or a wee torch downstairs and heard someone, so I ran back in and woke my BF up. By the time he got downstairs they were gone. It only took my a couple of seconds to wake him, they were pretty quick at getting out! I am in complete shock. Out new tv is gone, which we got on HP and havn't even paid off yet. And they also got my handbag with cards etc. I had £50 and new make up in there too. I feel so gutted. I have to start work at 8am and am completly shattered, but there's no point in going to bed.
I always hear people sayin ' O I never thought it would happen to me', and to be honest I didn't think so either.
And locked doors doesn't stop them, the ones that just done my house has removed the lock of the door from the outside of our patio doors.
I've already ate 3 slices of white toast with butter and marmalade, I know that in work I'm just going to keep binging and I can't stop myself! I can't even ring my boss to say I'll not be in, coz I was off sick last week and I can't even afford to be off. And to make matters worse we havn't even got insurance, as we just never got round to it! We moved in about 9mths ago and still hadn't sorted that out, I could really slap myself!:cry:
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Oh God I'm soooo sorry! I know exactly how you feel! It's HORRIBLE! It may be a good thing that you have to go to work ... rather than brooding about it. I PROMISE that as time goes on you will gain some perspective back and start to see it could have been a lot worse but that's no consolation right now.

I'm really sorry :(:(:( xxxx


maintaining since June'09
PS - I wouldn't be worrying about the flippin' diet today girl! Plenty of time for that! x
Thanks Jan, and yep the diets out the window! Only thing is, I always undo my hard work at the weekend, and tonight I opened a bar of chocolate, the I told myself NO and threw it out. I never do this when I decide I want to eat something I know I shouldn't (I'd used all my syns), and was very proud of myself. Aww well.
And our door is unlockable and my BF is also working today so I'll have to ring my mum early and see if she can house sit.
My BF of course is sound asleep, what is it with men and sleeping, especially when alcohol is concerned! x


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They call it the sleep of the just after ..

just after alcohol
just after s*x
just after a late night
just after dinner
just after sport
just after washing dishes
just after - well - being awake really ...... x


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Hi there
I also got two bikes stolen this week , they were in and out quick . for the last year now they seem to be doing it every few months , lady few doors down they got in from her windows then closed them after , they prized them open . Why is going on in this world and I wonder who it is . never used to be like this .
Its a shame we can't rig up something that is in volts , but I guess we then do the time for them , they have tried my double glazing with trying to prize it open , got to find ways to keep them out , if we can . Hope you don't eat today as you will feel more mader . thinking of you !


Strong women stay slim
Think like a burglar when evaluating your home. Walk around the outside of your home looking for easy ways to get in. How can you make these areas entry-proof? A burglar's biggest opponents are time, noise and light. Increase these elements around your home and it becomes a less attractive target for the neighborhood prowler.
Burglars don't like hanging around for extended lengths of time. The more time it takes to break into your home, the less desirable it becomes to an intruder. Everyday items such as nails, screws, padlocks, door and window locks, grates, bars and bolts can make for a difficult entry.
And mans best friend , (DOG )
They say crime is on the up , and my street as been hit so much now , think its best to get myself an alarm


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Oh I feel so sorry for you, I can't imagine what you must be going through & I am not surprised you have had something to eat, I hope you feel better throughout the day but try not to be too hard on yourself & give yourself time to get over the shock. Going to work could be a good thing as it will help distract you a little but take it easy & make sure everyone understands how upset you are.

Take care
Awww Pumpkin, my thoughts are with you. That's awful. Scumbags! Who the hell do they think they are coming into peoples house like that!

As already said, forget the diet today. I would be same hun. Hope all worls out. xxx


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Hi hun, hope you are ok, you must be in a state of shock. Forget the diet for now, concentrate on feeling ok. Firstly, is your tv hp protected, did you take out the protection when you bought it, if you did, you may be covered. Do you have any blinds, venetian blinds are a big deterrant to a burglar because they make so much noise.

When i was younger we were all on holiday so my parents house was empty and we had venetian blinds and my next door (who were in andn in bed) were burgled . My dad always maintained that that is why they weren't burgled. I don't know if that is why or not but when i moved out, every house i have been to and lived in i have had venetian blinds on the ground floor.

If you don't want a dog, you could even stick a beware of the dog sign on your gate.

Hope you get everything sorted and really sorry it happened to you, it must be so horrible for you. We are all here if you need to talk xxxx


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Oh Pumpkin! I know exactly how you feel! It's AWFUL! They even helped themselves to orange juice out of the fridge, and of course I'd left my handbag downstairs, luckily they just took the cash. Now I have to be surgically removed from my handbag at night. My heart goes out to you.
Sweetheart that's awful. I agree diet is dead today - even if you ate 5 cakes and had 2 bottles of wine then tomorrow is another day and today you need comfort. But do ONE good practical thing too love - insure your home so you feel you have taken a bit of control back. My suggestion is sausage and mash for tea with a cake and some booze and Britains Got Talent to cheer you up. Then to bed for a good cry and tomorrow you can get back to being fabulous. Am thinking of you and hope your day gets better x x x x x


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Oh hun that is awful... hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.
I'm so sorry to hear your news hun. The nerve of these pigs just astounds me. Do everything that you need to do in your mind to make your home safe tonight and certainly don't worry about the diet.


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But do ONE good practical thing too love - insure your home so you feel you have taken a bit of control back. My suggestion is sausage and mash for tea with a cake and some booze and Britains Got Talent to cheer you up. Then to bed for a good cry and tomorrow you can get back to being fabulous. Am thinking of you and hope your day gets better x x x x x
Sorry to hear your news Pumpkin ~ these people really are the scum of the earth. Bunnysnap posted some sound advice ~ my heart goes out to you, take care xx
Thanks everyone, it's so lovely to know I have a big network of friendship and support on here.
I'm totally shattered, have had like 2 hrs sleep then work today was awful, I'm a hairdresser and usually talk so much crap, but I seriously didn't even speak today, and my eyes are still puffed up from crying so much. They problably thought someone had died cz of the way I looked, and I couldn't even tell them or I'd start crying!
As for the diet, so far, after the toast, I've had a sausage bap with fried onions and ketchup, a snickers duo, frisps, a big sub with chicken and cheese and mayo, big bag of cola-bottle sweets, a mars ice-cream (a large one of course), and am about to crack open the magners and eat more junk.
I can feel my waist expanding more as I think of what I'll have later eek!
Thanks guys x