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Been clothes shopping

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With hubby he has gone from 38/40 waist to 34 in 5 weeks, it was really exciting, but when i got home i got upset, because i am finding this hard and also because though i could of tried clothes on, i felt upset , because i dont feel i will have gone down a clothes size.

I know know why im finding this really hard. I think because im so stressed in general.:tear_drop:
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Lynn - can I be frank - only because I really want to see you succeed.

Honey - I think you need to try and "change the channel"....and have more faith in yourself and this diet. I wish we were face to face as I don;t want this to come across wrong - and I know it wouldn't if I could speak to you.

But - here goes....

You seem to sometimes focus more on the negative aspects of the diet....or see it in such a way as its not working for you. I think that is your inner chatterbox that is running the show - not you - as you strike me as a chirpy happy gal really. But if you don;t stop that chatterbox now, it will make it much more difficult for you.

Now, sme people think all this new agey stuff is for the birds. BUt - I am a FIRM believer, because I have had prrof it works - if you change the channel with the thoughts you put out there - things will happen differently for you.

I would suggest that you get in a habit of visualising yourself slim and successful and everything you want coming your way. REALLY SEE the picture. DOn;t have a quick though and dismiss it - but SEE it. Notice the details - what you are wearing when you are slim, how your hair will be - how you will greet people with a confident smile, etc....just every little detail. SEE that, and it will become real. WHen you do it often enough, several times a day, your visual image becomes so clear and so real, the only outcome is acheiving it.

But it you are forever saying, its hard, I can't see any change, its not working, etc....I'm sorry to say, but I believe that is what you will get. Ya know?

You need to change the channel - put out POSITIVE frequency, not negative.

I know how hard this is. And please know I am in NO WAY criticisinz you - just realllllllly wt you to see how if you start to focus ONLY on the positives, it will make such a dynamic difference in your day to day dealing with the diet. And other issues as well.

I realised the other day, when I was at work - I looked at what I was wearing and how I did my hair, and I realised - I was virtually wearing exactly the kind f outfit, event he colour, that I had visualised for months. ANd it was subconscious - I did not choose the outfit for that reason - it just ended up that way.

Positve vibes are a pretty powerful thing. Equally so - so are negative ones.

Something to think about. And I hope I have not uipset you.

Go on girl - chin up - take control ofyour destiny - its only up to you, andou alone. If you want it - get it. You can. ANd you deserve it.

Tough days are part and parcel of food replacement diets hun, we need to find a way to work through them, if anything your OH should be your motivation for what could be. Like BL said think positive be positive. Positivity and negativity are self fulfilling prophecies. Think the sayings goes something like if you think you can you can, if you think you can't then you probably won't.
Hi Lynn, I know it's hard but you're getting there. BL is absolutely right. I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking. I went into LL visualising what I was going to look like being slim and now I'm there.

I drew a picture in my foundation book of the what I'd look like and the clothes I'd be wearing and I'm there.

Before this I felt like I'd failed at most things and yes, in some ways I'm waiting for it all to go wrong. But it's not going to. Because I'm in contol of it and I believe it's going to happen.

I have a friend with cancer who was told she would be dead within 3 months. That was 6 years ago. I'm not saying positive thinking can cure cancer but it's certainly a huge contributing factor to the reson she's still here and smiling :)

I got stuck in the rain today. I was cold and wet through. But I was out having fun- and that's what I focussed on.

Turn things round to make them positive. Make a shopping trip not about what doesn't fit, but finding something you like that you'll buy as a treat when you feel up to it.


It's your journey and whilst you may feel you're lost or it's too far to travel. If you want to get there you will. I promise you xx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
THe book The Secret is all about how what you put out there into the ether, is exactly what you get back.

Its a very good read - until it gets to the part about how you can make more money - but the first half od the book does make you see how life can unfold based on your attitude, mind, thoughts, hopes, etc.

Might be worth a quick read - it helped me change the way I think. And when I changed ,my thoughts, my life began to change too.

When I was down and life felt hopeless - life was hopeless.

As MiniMe posted above - If you think you can - you can. If you think you can't - you probably won't.

That has been proven time and time again to me in the last couple of years - starting when I decided that there was one youthful dream I never even bothered to pursue - because I always ALWAYS said, "Oh, I couldn;t do that."

So - decades later - I decided to learn to ride a motorbike and get the Harley I always dreamt of.

Last year, full of absolute fear - I did it. On the days I was so nervous and said, Oh I can;t do this! Those were the days I came off the bike. On the days I said, I can do this the same as anybody else can - I had a successful day. And I got my license. After 4 weeks training - I climbed on MY harley which I bought myself - not my hubby's, but mine - (point: dream realised!) and I was off and away. Having never ever driven a motorbike - in short time, I was on my own bike. It was a miracle and a joy. Here's me an "Ruby GOes Bang"....:D

Proof dreams do come true :)

THis can be much the same if you want it - focus on having it.

Self fulfilled prophecys happen every day - we seldom stop to think we may be responsible. But we are. Or certainly can be.
I agree with the ladies

It must be hard when your husband is doing it too because they do lose quicker than us, fact.
But you will have lost inches no doubt.
You have already lost over a stone.
It's usually about a dress size per stone.
Your confidence in yourself is pretty low right now because of all the family/work stuff you have going on, but you have to believe in yourself or LL won't work.
It's hard to try stuff on out shopping especially with your OH. I never go clothes shopping with mine.
I had a lot more weight to lose than you are hoping to do.
I've lost 20"bust,18"waist and 20"hips,gone from Size 30/32 to size 12.
Shoes from7-6.
I'm not saying that to boast, but to show you it has to work.
The ladies are right. Think positive. Don't sabotage yourself.:patback:
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Though you deserve to boast SB. ;)

I know for a fact ladies - SB's transformation is amazing, and going so rapidly - she is a real inspiration and it so lovely to see the new SB emmerging. A real joy. :)

Boast away Mrs - you deserve too. :)
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Hi there everyone. Your words are so comforting. I do need to kick my butt in gear and sort my head out otherwise this wont work.I have always said i cant do anything and i dont and your a right its all about i can and i will.
Tomorrow i have a day off, as im having heating done. So tomorrow i will sit and rethink my career, my self and get into a positive mode. You all are an inspiration to me soo much.

I have lost my direction in life and it is about time i find it again. There is alot of things i want to do, like learn to drive, i would love to move up north that i know i cant at the moment as my hubby is happy in his job, and its safe.

I do need to get out more and get a life, find some serious friends, which i dont have.
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Lol i wish i tried some clothes on now!Haha
good for you Lynn. I particularly like the bit about moving up north- it's great up here!
My OH always tells me to take small steps and evetually I'll end up in a place I never though I'd get to. So remember, just one thing at a time. I'm an expert at making lists. It's what I do to pass the time. I find it really theraputic to write lists of things I'll but or places I'll go. And I find them in drawers and all sorts of places and quite often find I can cross most of the things off because I've achived them.
You can't change your world overnight but you can change it to be what you want it to be.
Stay strong and try to catch yourself before you slip into a negative thought pattern xx
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It's normal to question what you're doing and whether it's right for you - as BL has said on another thread the diet is only for the brave and some days can be damn hard! What matters is how you deal with the feelings - you already know doing what you did before led you to where you are now - what's 14 weeks out of your life to try something new? Believe me, stick with it and all the good stuff will come.
We all need friends

It's true, lucky we have the support from each other on here, but no matter how busy your life gets, you need to try and have a bit of "me" time and I think girly friends are so important.
When i was very young I would cut off from my girlfriends when I had a special man friend. I learnt my lresson years ago. They won't be there for you when it all goes t**ts up! Quite right.
Now it's love me,love my cats, love my friends - works for me.
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well i am back on track and ready to give it everything i got. I have a friend that is going to drag me into town and make sure i try on some clothes, she is on cd! So we will be good for eachother, we have been helping eachother out. I have a big big fear of going into town on my own, since my grandad died 16 years ago(he died while i was in town) It has gone on from there im hoping to get my confidence back one day so i can walk round town on my own.
I will let you know wednesday eveniing how it all went. Might even buy next size down to inspire me to get into itxxxxx
I really dont know what i would do without you all, thanks BL for giving me those stern words sometimes i need it!You are a diamond:)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
You're welcome hon - I was so worried they might have been taken wrong. And they weren't so much meant to be 'stern' as they were meant o be more 'been there, done that - don;t put yourself through it' :D

It's tough to change lifetime habits - but essential.

I hope it just gets easier and easier for you hon. You are so worth the effort.

Hang tough!
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Aww thanks hunxxxx
I will do it!!!
Glad to hear that you are on track Lynn. Positive thinking all the way. Remember, as long as you stick at this, you will get into smaller sizes and you are going to look great in your new clothes. I also really hope the programme provides you with the tools to gain confidence and tackle life head on. As many have stated on here, it's not just about losing weight.