Been for first week weigh in!.....


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and I lost 10 pounds! :D I couldn't be happier, and have even made myself a little ticker to celebrate (well that's if it works!). It's been a hard week because I had a funny tummy etc. but I'm glad I stuck with it.

My friend who is doing the 1000kcal plan also lost - 7lbs for her which is great as she has about 3ish stone to lose and has been overweight for some time.

So, thumbs up to this wierd and wonderful plan!!!
And keep going everyone!!!
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Well done!!

Fantastic and Well Done... You're doing great.
congrats........xxxx susan
Well done 10lbs is a great loss:D
well done PuddyCat - fantastic start :D

keep up the good work hun !


:D thanks for the replies - just been watching tv with hubby and feeling really contented. It's not like our usual friday 'treat' night where we'd have takeaway - but it's worth it I guess!

Hope you are all having a good evening and a fab weekend ladies (and gents) :)