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Been on a Weight Management Coaching Course!!


Gone fishing
I’m a weight management coach!

Cool eh :cool:

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on a course run by Mike (Icemoose) and Steven Bates, and I must say it was …..wow! Mind blowing stuff!

Yeah, I knew that Cambridge worked. It can’t possibly not work. Yet people struggle. They yoyo (been there, done that, got many sizes of t-shirts myself:eek:). They regain the weight they lost, even with other diets, they bounce up and down getting close to target, but never quite getting there. So why? Why? Why? Why? Why did I spend 30 odd years of my life doing just that. That’s what I really wanted to know the answer to!

It was so refreshing to go on a course that really explained this; that actually focused on the ‘Why’ and presented by people who really understood the phenomena.

So thanks Mike and Steven for putting together such a great programme, in such an easy to understand way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and if you ever get a chance to go on this course, please grab it. Even though it was a dieting mindset course, not related to Cambridge, it’s going to really help my clients and also help me sort out other areas on my life!

Ps. Oh….and if you want to know the answer to Why. Tough. You’ll have to go on the course :p

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hey kd....i was reading your post soo quick to find out WHY? then i got to the bottom and was so disapoitned tell me why now!!!! pleasssssse, with a cherry on top? or pm i could really do with a kick now day 4 and i still havent restarted properly since my holiday :(
That sounds like just the course i need. You said it was for coaching, does that mean it is a course for counsellors only?
Can you tell us some more please
It's completely separate from Cambridge, so I guess it isn't just for CDCs...

pleasssssse, with a cherry on top? or pm i could really do with a kick now day 4 and i still havent restarted properly since my holiday :(
:rotflmao: Okay...how do I write up two days of intensive, info packed, stuff into a message

So go on, how do we get on it then?!! :cool:
Dunno :D Maybe contact Mike? Think he's still away though, so maybe in a few days.

Blooming stuff has been on my mind all day. Think I may have driven the school kids a little crazy with some questions today :eek::D


Totally Focused
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Mike also produces a brilliant, helpful weekly newsletter that he emails out. I saw the address on one of his pages - its so good and really helpful. I also saw the course advertised and was very interested. I'm sure I saw it in his signature.......?

I am signed up ready to go along on the next course, along with one of my 'sponserees'.
Just wish i didnt have to wait til the end of next month for it.
Glad you enjoyed it KD. And soon i will hopefully be up with you on that list of weight loss coaches.
(am also currently doing a 'clinical weight management diploma' which is worth its weight in gold as a cdc)

if you get the opportunity i would say go for it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Just got back !

Ok just to clarify I have co-written a course with Steve Bates on the mindset of dieting (not related to any diet just talks about the motivational issues around dieting etc), it helps people understand why people who "struggle" on diets do and the best ways to move them on and help them help themselves. The specific goal of the course is "how to create long term maintainers"

This is not a Cambridge course, in fact it doesn't talk about diets at all, it is designed to get the mind sorted it and then the diet can do it's magic! and is in fact certified by Certain Change who are an NLP training company that I did my masters in NLP under.

I don't want to advertise etc on the site as this site is all about support but if anyone is interested in booking on the course or needs more details and a spec sheet then just give me a PM or E-Mail me.


For many people weight gain is sympton of emotional eating. The weight in itself can be a trigger which then leads to eating for comfort which then leads to weight gain which is a trigger. Also there are many triggers which can lead us to feel bad about ourselves, which can lead to various negative habits like over eating, smoking, alcohol or other substances or negative actions such as running away, how we deal with these problems are personal to each and everyone. The simple answer to weightloss is to get the mindset right. I used to eat for comfort, and now I don't. I can't seem to eat these calorific foods to excess without knowing that i am indeed creating a trigger for which makes me unhappy. I don't have chocolate cakes alcohol or takeaways, these foods aren't banned as such, but i do know that eating them at the moment will lead to me losing weight alot slower. I do believe many of us want to lose weight but do not want to give up any of the comforts or treats necessary to accomplish this. I walk five miles a day five days a week, and eat sensibly, i netiher overeat or eat for comfort anymore. I have accomplished this by going to congnitive therapy and working thru my issues, and negative behaviour and would urge anyone who eats for comfort to see their doctors to be referred to cognitive therapy, it has worked for me and I am sure it will work for you also. good luck
Have you heard much about Human Givens?
My doctor recommended it to me for anxiety related to a phobia and I notice that it's also used for eating disorders and additions.
I just don't know much about it.

Not heard of it, will go and have a look!


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