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Been prescribed XENICAL (Orlistat) today

Hi all

Went to Doctors today - following my Diabetic Review last week my Diabetes Doctor suggested I book an appt to see GP re. my weight losses not being so great - she was hinting at Gastric Bypass surgery saying it'd help my Diabetes management no end etc....

I went to see GP who previously ironically I had asked to refer me for surgery and he sent me for self esteem counselling!!!???!!! This time I went in with literature the Diabetes Doctor advised me to create and handed it to him - he weighed me then told me instead of referring he'd give me a prescription for XENICAL !!!! I told him I'd had this years ago and wasn't keen on the side effects..... he said he'd see me again in a month to see if I have lost or not then decide re. referral if not lost enough.

Grrrrrrrr!!! I HATED these tablets last time I was given them - oily toilet runs, stomach cramps,wind, headaches to name just a few symptoms - I have been researching Gastric Bypasses for ages (YEARS) now and then last week I get so close - but now am in dilemma, the Diabetes Dr told me the ones you refer to need to see you can lose weight when trying but just not keep it off BUT my GP has said IF I lose then no need for referral!!!!?!!!!
Also the symptoms are worse for Type 2 Diabetics according to the chemist so really not looking forward to taking these AND don't seem adviseable long term whereas surgery would've been.

Dean thinks I should not take the tablets and loosen the diet so def not lost to gain referral - I have put him straight on that one as then affecting my blood levels in the process and no guarantee in getting referred IF they do go by losing weight. I am going to start the tablets tomorrow morning with Breakfast, am really not keen though.

Feel my GP has thrown another spanner in the works re referral - was sooooooo positive this morning then after GP runnning 45 mins late!!! he gives me these blimin' things!!! My GP giggled when I told him I'd discussed surgery with the Diabetes Dr AND THEN said if I have a snack of a Carrot or Lettuce Leaf then to not take a tablet as it didn't constitute a meal - DOH!!! Sarcastic git! I think he has NO IDEA of dieting - but then his advice when he diagnosed me with Diabetes was "Don't eat a whole bag of donuts everyday!" - GRRRR MEN!!!

Anyone else tried to get a referral for Gastric Bypass or other Bariatric surgery?

Anyone else been prescribed or currently taking Xenical (Orlistat) ?

Feel really peed off now :(

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Ive just started taking Xenical today! so cant say much about it!
Really sad you feel this way though! Maybe give the tablets another go? Sticking to the low fat diet will be hard but worth a shot! xxxxx


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Hi,from what i understand if you get the orange oil,its because youre still having too much fat..maybe someone else can clarify that.
the other side effects are meant to wear off after a while, however i do appreciate that symptoms could be more severe for you.

i sometimes think that surgery would be so much easier, but i personally couldnt go through with it.any surgery shouldnt be taken lightly the anaesthetic alone is dangerous :rolleyes:
if your gp is really that bad then i'd definitely see a different one next time!

good luck! :)
i've been on these for nearly a week now, i dont mind them they make me think about what i am putting in my mouth, i have had a few soft bowel movements and one or two oily ones but thats ok, i've lost 4 pounds already :) good luck
WE CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Poppy and welcome to Xenical. The last time you were on the tablets it would seem you weren't aware of the rules or you wouldn't have had any of those side effects, honestly. If you are doing it properly and taking the tablets you should have no side effects at all. Look at the stickies at the top of the page for newcomers but the gist of it is, don't eat any food that contains more than 5g of (total) fat per 100g and don't eat any more than 15g of fat per meal, the less the better in fact. Stick to those rules and you'll be fine, perhaps a little wind to start with and mild headache, drink loads of water, at least 2 litres a day and that will help. Good luck, and if you have any questions, just ask.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Am planning to follow SW as that is naturally low fat so hopefully not too many side effects this time. Will be watching my blood sugars though as read this can lower them dramatically and want to keep an eye to make sure in safe range!


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Welcome and good luck

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