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Been prescribed Xenical (Orlistat)

Hi all

Went to Doctors today - following my Diabetic Review last week my Diabetes Doctor suggested I book an appt to see GP re. my weight losses not being so great - she was hinting at Gastric Bypass surgery saying it'd help my Diabetes management no end etc....

I went to see GP who previously ironically I had asked to refer me for surgery and he sent me for self esteem counselling!!!???!!! This time I went in with literature the Diabetes Doctor advised me to create and handed it to him - he weighed me then told me instead of referring he'd give me a prescription for XENICAL !!!! I told him I'd had this years ago and wasn't keen on the side effects..... he said he'd see me again in a month to see if I have lost or not then decide re. referral if not lost enough.

Grrrrrrrr!!! I HATED these tablets last time I was given them - oily toilet runs, stomach cramps,wind, headaches to name just a few symptoms - I have been researching Gastric Bypasses for ages (YEARS) now and then last week I get so close - but now am in dilemma, the Diabetes Dr told me the ones you refer to need to see you can lose weight when trying but just not keep it off BUT my GP has said IF I lose then no need for referral!!!!?!!!!
Also the symptoms are worse for Type 2 Diabetics according to the chemist so really not looking forward to taking these AND don't seem adviseable long term whereas surgery would've been.

Dean thinks I should not take the tablets and loosen the diet so def not lost to gain referral - I have put him straight on that one as then affecting my blood levels in the process and no guarantee in getting referred IF they do go by losing weight. I am going to start the tablets tomorrow morning with Breakfast, am really not keen though.

Feel my GP has thrown another spanner in the works re referral - was sooooooo positive this morning then after GP runnning 45 mins late!!! he gives me these blimin' things!!! My GP giggled when I told him I'd discussed surgery with the Diabetes Dr AND THEN said if I have a snack of a Carrot or Lettuce Leaf then to not take a tablet as it didn't constitute a meal - DOH!!! Sarcastic git! I think he has NO IDEA of dieting - but then his advice when he diagnosed me with Diabetes was "Don't eat a whole bag of donuts everyday!" - GRRRR MEN!!!

Anyone else tried to get a referral for Gastric Bypass or other Bariatric surgery?

Anyone else been prescribed or currently taking Xenical (Orlistat) ?

Feel really peed off now :(

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Ditch the GP and try to be more forceful - what can he do if you say the side effects were not worth the effect on your health and you refuse to take them? He could of course offer to get you a second opinion but you don't need one as you already have one from your diabetic consultant eh?
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hmm... i never liked those tabs either. prehaps just try them for a couple of days and if u r getting bad side effects, make an appointment and tell him you want to discontinue maybe? at least you look willing to try but have a possible way out if they dont agree with you. He doesnt sound very sensitive!
Go see another GP Jill, if that is what you really want go for it! xx

In the news last week, it seems the gov are to give more GB, as the money they cost are recooped back in a year, with medication being reduced, less visits to the doctors, and being able to return to work for people that ment there weight made them disabled.
To be fair if youre getting the side effects like that its because youre not following the guidelines for Xenical. Having said that I took them but they didnt work for me, if your diet is naturally low fat - you very probably wont see any benefits.

Before you write it off though, why not check out the Xenical forum on Miniins for some advice x
Thanks all - no my GP is a tactless git! I have decided - am going to give these a go to 'show willing ' - I will play HIS game BUT come 13th October (1 month from today) - I will be sat in his surgery asking for the 3rd time (hopefully lucky) for a GB. I have been reading endlessly recently the bonuses for people with Type 2 Diabetes and now my Diabetes Doctor has been so supportive I am going to keep pestering him for one..... IF he says no then I will ask for the exact reason then make an appt with my Diabetic Doctor to basically drop my GP in the **** (LOL) and get them to intervene like they said they would. Fingers crossed though that my GP just says yes and refers me!


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I think you should just visit another doc, I'm so lucky my GP used to be 20 st and is now 8.5 so she totally gets it! I went about 18 months ago and asked for those tablets I did really well lost 2 st but am now on a waitlist to have my gallbladder out! The docs think that they are the primary reason for having gallstones, I've done some research and it's a major long term side effect, I never had any of the other side effects as I was following Rosemary conoley at the time. Tell him to give you vouchers to join a slimming club instead of more drugs he if wants to see you can loose weight! Insensitive pig! Good luck xx
Can you get stomach banding over there? I know its expensive over here to have it done but works wonders for the people I know that have had it. I believe it's a lot kinder than a Gastric Bypass too.
As for Xenical my sister had it years ago and I wouldnt go near it after her side effects .. LOL. Good luck vickki xxx
I have previously asked for Gym Referral or SW Referral but my surgery doesn't fund those :(
Took Xenical today and so far ok - no oily probs as yet - early days - can take 2 days for body to start acting with tabs - oo-er! Still following SW Extra Easy.
Jill, will your budget not allow just £4.95 a week for you? I really think you would do alot better going to class, chicky. Maybe offset that amount against what you spend when you go off plan?

I know my 6 week countdown will have come out of our takeaway money within just 2 weeks!

Is there something you could switch about like that? xx
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I agree totally with Starlight. If you're taking xenical and having oily discharge, then you're not eating the correct diet.

You should only be having 10g of fat or less per meal and then you'll be fine. I used xenical for about 12 months and lost 4 stone, with virtually no side effects whatsoever.
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agree with Starlight, I was prescribed these last year and spent 4 months on them.

If you follow the guidelines the side effects don't come, it really is as simple as that. What I found was that on days where i thought / knew i would eat the wrong foods i simply didnt take the pills that day so that i didnt have to suffer the runny, oily bum!

it works for some. i lost around 1 stone on these in 4 months however in honesty my diet was low in fat anyway so i am unsure if it was the pills or just my normal eating that got the loss

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