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Been really bad today and feeling awful for it :( need a kick up the bum!


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Been really off plan today and feeling really guilty for it :(

It would be such a shame to put weight back on following a good first loss (6 lbs!!):rolleyes:

I'm going to confess to what I have eaten today :eek: as I have had a lovely day with a lovely friend but it has involved a lot of food with some (gentle) swimming and walking in between

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: jacket potato and cheese and butter (from a stall in town so generous portion)

Ice cream (2 scoops with chocolate sauce and some minstrels)

Dinner: SW cottage pie (lean mince topped with carrot and swede mash)

SW apple and cinnamon strudel (4.5 syns per serving- but probably had 2 servings worth)

I am cringing as I write this!! I am such a pig :cry:
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One day at a time, one step at a time
goodness me :bighug: thats nothing sweetie i've been known to eat my weight in chocolate on a bad day. One big mistake was skipping brekkie. IF i skip brekkie I pick later on.

Draw a line, and get back on sw from now, ie this min not tomorrow, that way you limit the damage and likely will still lose next week. If you draw the line now, forget it, move on, its never as bad, its when we let a bad day turn into a bad two days, a bad week , a bad month. :D xxxxx


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Thanks for replying, I sometimes feel like a very little fish on such a big forum!

I am cross with myself for not sticking to it :( Nice to know I'm not alone though


One day at a time, one step at a time
Being cross will make you more likely to do it tomorrow, just draw the line, and move on leave it where it belongs in the past :D

YOu are not a little fish everyone on here is lovely, supportive and will help whenever they can :bighug:

Look at what you used to eat, being on plan 6 days out of 7 is likely still better :D well it is for me anyway :D gradually you will get into it and you will have more good than bad. I take it a day at a time, most are good days but believe me I have a few awful ones. We are only human xxxxx


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Aww hun, dont beat yourself up about it! You had a nice day with a friend and should be happy about that, not sad about what you ate!
I also think that what you had is not terrible! Tomorrow is a new day and as long as you get strait back to it i am sure you will do fine next weigh in :) Up your superfree intake for the rest of the week and dont deprive yourself of syns! It was one day out of the rest of your life! xx
Don't be so silly, you've had a bad day but there's nothing to be ashamed of! Get back on track tomorrow, if you gain you gain, the important thing is to get it back offf and more the next week - after all the past isn't in your control but the future is :D x


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Don't worry! I did same last week. Well not really! I drank eight cocktails, 2wine spritzers, a strong cider, half box chocolate fingers, chocolate frijj milkshake, bowl of pasta with pesto at restaurant and a chocolate flake. Now that's a real pig! Guys on here advised me to draw line under it and to not starve. I took advice and still lost 4 1/2 pounds, somehow. Your day isn't actually that bad. It's almost a green day, if you take mince as a B, and huge amounts of cheese as 2 HEA and one green HEB. Rest as syns. It doesn't work out exactly but it's close. I bet if you stick to it 100% rest of week, you'll lose weight or at worst STS. Even if you don't, you'll lose week after. Keep us posted and good luck
My mum says to me 'yesterday is as over as the Crimean war'. Don't dwell. Chalk it down to a bad one, and carry on with the previous good work with gusto!
As others have said I really don't think what you had was that bad at all so stop beating yourself up about it! People who seem to stay thin effortlessly have days like that. I suspect where most of us on here have gone wrong over the years is having those sort of days more often than not having them.

How long have you been on the plan? I think its quite difficult at first when you don't follow "the rules" not to feel like you have thrown it all away but as time goes on slimming world does become more of a way of living. Which means sometimes breaking the rules. And enjoying it. For instance tonight I have a bottle of wine in the fridge and intend to order take away pizza with the OH to watch the football. I will thoroughly enjoy it and not feel guilty about it. I will also be back on plan tomorrow morning. Early on in following the plan I would have really beaten myself up about this, felt like I was a failure, had no self-control etc etc etc. Interestingly once I stopped beating myself up about these "treats" I seemed to want them less often.

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