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Been shopping & LOVE My new wardrobe!!!

I am so majorly happy right now!!!

I have recently been doing lots & lots of shopping & basically re-kitted out my wardrobe in size..........................................12!!!!! :happy096::talk017::happy096:

I absolutly love my new clothes - love the fact that I can dress in "fasionable" clothes again & actually dress like a 20something old - well only just as not long till I'm 30 but shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I have been out this morning with my 2 small children & my eldest who is just 3 was giving me loads of lovely compliments in my new clothes, made me really pleased.

I just wanted to let you all know really, as when I started out at a tight 16 really an 18 but was to embarrased to admit that, that I never thought i'd have clothes in a 12 - it is so possible to get there & once your there, there's no way you'll be slipping back :D
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What did you buy???? Come on ... details please!!!
What an inspirational post! :D

I have decided that for each lb I lose I'm going to pay £5 into a savings acount and when I get to a weight that I feel happy with I'm going to go out and buy myself a whole new wardrobe full of clothes.

This is the kind of post I want to be making when I get there!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Its great isnt it??

Ive gone from a 28/30 to a size 14..some 12's in dresses and I just want to tell everyone that I meet what size my clothes are!

Enjoy your new wardrobe, you have worked hard to get it!


What did you buy???? Come on ... details please!!!
Oh I have been buying loads!!!

Got a few pairs of nice fitted jeans, in 12's (but a couple of pairs are actually getting to loose now!!)

Loving Maxi dresses now its not a case of just seeing gargantuant (well they felt like that) boobs!! I can now wear a maxi dress without looking huge!

My hubby bought me a stunning dress recently, I absolutly love it just need a nice occasion to wear it now though, lol

erm, lots of clothes that arn't black - I lived in black before not anymore. Today I am wearing a lush pink maxi & feel great!! haha

I have bought lots of fitted clothes too - something I definatly didn't do before. I actually now feel that looser clothes arn't flattering to me, they make me feel bigger???

I have also purchased a skirt!!! wow I am having my legs on show :8855:

And finally shorts etc ready for my jolly holidays in a couple of weeks!

So like I said, alot of shopping and it's felt great!:D

Mrs V - wow just noticed your post - that is a wonderful difference - you must feel so compleatly different now???

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