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Been through a lot (cheated)


One last chance
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:sigh: Where to begin.

About 4 months ago, I was sexually attacked by a guy who I thought was my friend. He has since been begging for my forgiveness and is constantly trying to get me to talk to him. But I want nothing more to do with him.

I thought that it was the best thing to do and tell my boyfriend, because I couldn't keep this secret long. I told him but he said that it was too much for him to deal with, because of the fact that I can't tell the police because my parents will find out. And if they find out, I will be either shunned, disowned or forced into marriage. And so with the cultural differences, he feels that he can't cope with it. So we are on a break.

It tore me apart and so I had to be with my friends because at home I was self harming and I was so close to ending my life. I know it's stupid to want to end it over a human being but it was just too much for me.

I went out with friend and stayed over at another friends, I however ate a lot of what I shouldn't have. Here's the list:

  • Milk with my toffee bar
  • A can of tuna
  • Another toffee bar
  • 3 mini minstrel bags
  • 1 galaxy easter egg
  • chicken pasty from greggs
  • a tesco chicken wrap packet
  • 1 ciabatta bread
  • a few sweets
  • 1 mango drink
  • 1 juice drink
  • 1/4 of an easter bunny
Dispite I have eaten all this, I felt that I really deserved some sort of break and in a wierd way, it did make me happy.

When it was 1am, I felt that I really had to call my bf. When I thought it was all over, he told me that it's all a huge shock, and that he is sorry that he made it seem all about him and that what we need to do is draw a line over what happened in the past and start again. He said he loves me, he doesn't want us to split, and that we will end up back together. We just need time. I do still feel bad but at the same time I feel releived that it's not over.

I don't knwo what the scales will say but at the moment, I don't care.
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Aw hun. So sorry to hear what you've been through. It was prob just a big shock for him and he just needed some time to let things sink in. It takes a big man to admit he was selfish and wrong. He sounds like a great guy. Let it make you both stronger as a couple.
I think most of us are prob emotional eaters. I wouldn't worry, just learn from it. as long as you stay focused and know where you want to be, who cares about a little slip. You can always make up for it. So you have one bad week (your not the only one. I gave in and had KFC tonight) just think about the bigger picture. Your going to feel better about yourself and have a fab, supportive bf to go with it.
I am so shocked at your recent events. Although I cannot imagine what you are going through, be a survivor not a victim of abuse and deal with this in any way that makes this so. It may be quietly with the support of your boyfriend or by going to the police. Only you know what will make it better. We all know food helps when we are stressed but only in the short term. You will need the support of your LL counsellor more than ever, but maybe a counsellor who specialises in survivors of abuse would be helpful too. Take care Yasmine. x


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im sorry to hear what appened to you, but pleas dont feel bad for what u have eaten.. ur only human and u have been thru so much... just start over hun xx


One last chance
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Thanks girls for the supprt and advice. Means a lot.


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Omg Hun. What you've been through doesn't best thinking about. Don't beat yourself up about the over eating. I think everyone would admit to emotionally eating from time to time. I hope you have good friends to talk to and that your boyfriend will also come to terms with his emotions. you can always rely on support from your friends on here. Take care luv ???

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