Been to see GP and he poo-pooed VLCDs


Went to have my BP checked and get weighed, also to mention my rapidly disappearing hair :eek:

He is doing a full blood count and thyroid check but says hair loss is very common and should right itself.

He really slated VLCDs but I was adamant that if my health is fine then I am going to have a go. He had never heard of Lipotrim at all.

So at 7pm I meet my CDC for the first time, and see what I think - very nervous, she seemed really offhand on the phone but I know that can mean nothing!

Fingers crossed this time tomorrow I'm on my 3rd meal!!!!
I did LL first off and my dr was awful about VCLD's. I have a fast heart rate and they blamed the diet!! a year on, 3 ECG's, 1 24 hour tape and an echocardiogram later they decided I'm just like that! I have a fast heart at 110 bpm when I'm asleep and eating normally!!! I had to fight to get my form signed everytime for LL and almost always left in tears cause they were horrible.

Dr's, especially older ones were trained in the days of exercise and good healthy diet is the only way to lose weight. You'll prob find your doc doesn't really know much about VCLD's. It's mad because there are some CDC who are prisec counsellors and doctors refer people to them!! sheesh!!

Don't worry about starting! You'll be fabby, just come on here and distract yourself and you'll be whizzing along without even noticing it! Hope you're CDC is ok, I'm a bit odd on the phone - depends what the other person sounds like, plus phone mannor and all that, your CDC might losen up a bit once he/she gets to know you a bit....I'm like that with my older clients....don't want to be too friendly incase they think I'm unprofessional or invading their space or something...don't worry! :)
You'd think doctors would have a bit more sense. OK the diet is drastic, but I bet I'm getting more vitamins etc now than I did when I ate what I pleased.
I'm sure that being overweight is more dangerous for your health than doing this diet could ever be, you stick to your guns. Good luck tonight.
I'm over 8st lighter, my diabetes is totally under control WITHOUT drugs, my BP has gone down, cholesterol count down, back-ache gone, sleep apnoea cured - can a VLCD be beneficial to someone's health? .... errrrr-ummmm let me think ....... yes :)
If you were in an obestiy clinic you would certiainly be on this type of diet - contradicting doctors - arrgh!! I have also lost over 9st and feel fab now - all thanks to Cd and willpower. All teh best on your journey xx
Hi - there is an article on the LL program on the WLR site, which is quite balanced I think ..

Lighter Life Diet Report

Your GP sounds a bit behind the times on this one, good luck on your journey.
Quote SP30 article on LL
"they’re not the same as other meal replacement products such as The Cambridge Diet "
Eh? Why? I thought the packs were basically the same except the amount of packs plus counselling. Big implication that CD doesn't cover minimum government requirements. Go figure.
I emailed them a month or 2 back and told them they were wrong and that they needed to get their facts straight. Obviously they haven't ammended it...I'm off to email them again in my rage!!!:mad::mad::mad:
I didn't catch the bit where she suggested that CD did not meet overnment minimum requirements tbh.

Overall, she is quite positive about VLCDs, even though it's obvious that they go against the grain for her as a nutritionist. And she acknowledges that some concerns (like muscle loss) aren't born out by clinical data. So good luck BiB, you go girl :)
I don't think its just older GP's that have this attitude. When I asked for help with my weight from my doctor (who is probably about 30) he gave me a list of foods I could and couldn't eat - as if I didn't know the theory already!!

I then asked a young female doctor and she offered me those tablets that make the fat pass straight through you (eeuuuggh).

Anything useful?? No!

So if I'm now doing what works for me, how can they complain - but they do.

If you take into account the length of time we've been eating crap food a few months on a VLCD doesn't seem long (or dangerous). I see it as taking action before health problems take hold. In the absence of any other practical help its my decision (and yours)
In an ideal world, everyone would be able to go on weight watchers or slimming world or some healthy eating plan and lose the weight. But its not an ideal world, we know that.

When I went for GP signoff, she wouldn't give it to me. So I changed GP's. Nothing was going to stand in my way. There was no good reason why I should not do the diet.
There's a booklet CD do, that your CDC might have that has information for Doctors. This might help him change his mind. I send it to Doctors whenever I have to write to them about a client.
What I'm saying is that younger doctors may be more aware of VCLD's. They are practically unknown in Scotland!! I really had to push and push to get my form signed when I did LL. I was kept waiting for hours when all they were really signing for was to say that this is my blood pressure, this is my heart rate and that I am on no meds and to stamp the ruddy form. I paid £20 for it! which is a drop in the ocean compared to what some other people have paid but bloody hell!! 5 mins of your time and a stamp....£20 thanks. I could make a fortune doing this!
My GP as i always say is very pro VLCD...sure he even said i should train as a counsellor...BEFORE i even told him i wanted too.

And he isnt a 'young' GP but a sweetie none the less.

Hopefully you will continue and show your GP your success, afterall thats how we all learn, even learned GP's - through example.

Yeah my Doc was very dismissive too, suggested I try a slimming club! Obviously he did not realise I'm on first name terms with all the local group leaders and have a seat with my name on reserved at most of them!!!!!

Well I think I've proved him wrong, hopefully he'll bother to read the paperwork the next time somebody asks, rather than remaining ignorant.
I think the other thing to bear in mind here is that GP's are General Practioners and they don't always know much about diet and Nutrition unless they specilaised at some stage. I work with a team of food nutritionists and most of them feel VLCD are safe in the main particularly CD.

How discouraging!!
If it helps, my GP had never heard of LL but when she read that it inc. CBT she signed me up straight away. (such a pity my counsellor was useless as that's what sold it to me too...) :(
Since I introduced it to she has researched it further for herself and is so confident about it that her own daughter has done LL and been v. successful, and she has 6 other patients on it too. She is v. enthusiastic about it. She also prescribes iron supplements to those using it to prevent/reduce hair loss and the feeling of permanent coldness.
I am about to introduce her to CD and hope that she is as enthusiastic bout that.
Stick with it BiB and GOOD LUCK!!

Jeanie x
My Gp initially refused to sign me up. She was a young slim women in her thirties. She told me 'There are other ways to lose weight' - I could have screamed - I know I've tried them all. I'm an ex-nurse I know what I should and shouldn't but that didn't stop me eating whole boxes of crackers! These Gps just don't get that there's a lot more to food than food for the vast majority of us. Maybe if I'd had an overweight Gp I would have had more understanding - I belive there are some about - In fact I am sure I spotted one in Birmingham once.
You're absolutely right cake!

Most overweight women are very knowledgeable bout nutrition and healthy eating cos we are desparate to achieve it!
A scientific report was published yesterday that said obesity is affected more by genes, lack of sleep, pollution, modern medicines and modern life.
obesity is invariably a symptom of underlying emotional or mental health needs which often go unrecognised cos all the medical profs see is the 'fat sheild' we hide behind and they try to treat it as a physical condition.:(

What Drs (and society?) fail to understand is 'the psychology of obesity'. Perhaps if more was known about this there would be no need for VLCDs?

Thats what so great about this site - a chance to explore these ideas, and ourselves in order to truly address the root of our weight problems in order that we might achieve our ultimate goal: Not being slim but STAYING SLIM.:)
Good luck to everyone.

Jeanie x
Its amazing really isn't it!
However my GP hasn't been all too bad about it ... he signed without the lecture although today when I went in he did go on a bit about how with "this kind of diet" as soon as you stop you put on weight!
If only he'd read up about it .....