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Been to the chemist...


No longer a redhead though!
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hello guys, i have been reading up on lipotrim for a few weeks now. Thought it best to get xmas out of the way first.

I have filled in my form at the chemist and they gave me a strawberry shake to try on the onus that if I disliked it so much I might change my mind before even starting and waste my money.

Anyhow, thought it would be a good idea to register here and get into the groove before I start the LT programme. (still trying to work out what totm means!)

I need to wait for the pharmacist to check over my form before I start and then I will know my start weight. I don't own a pair of scales and avoid them at all costs because every time I got on a set I was 1/2 a stone heavier. Am now a size 20 dress size!

So... hello to you all and I look forward to my journey on the way to the new me.
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Welcome LipoLisa,

totm means time of the month when you get your periods...

Best to stick with weigh in and not to get to caught up on the scales as some weeks the scales might stay the same but you lose inches.

Best of luck on your Lipotrim journey!

If you need any help please ask.

Here is a link to help you make your way around the site.
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Good luck lovey xxx


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hi and welcome, good luck and always remember whatever problems if any you have theirs always someone who will give you friendly advice and support on here it made a big different s for me to know we are all in the same boat:)


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Hiya and welcome to the forum.
Have you tried the strawberry shake yet? Try and blend it with crushed ice and water as it does taste a bit better and you can use a bit more water. I remember my first one and oh boy, it was awful but I used exactly 240ml water and it was just too thick.

I am with mini here,,,forget the scales and just wait for your Weigh In (WI) every week and the excitement that goes with it!

Good luck and do hope you decide to go ahead with it! You wont regret it....yes, here's to the new you!
hey lipolisa... personally i think they gave you the worst shake out of them all tbh...
the choc and vanilla are lovely with crushed ice and some coffee and a tablet sweetner all blended up its divine!! well as divine as can be, but its pretty good.

good thinking on getting Christmas out of the way, and i know you wont but dont even think bout getting a scales, i find it so hard going by two pairs that are different, may as well stick to the pharmacies one.
if you dont like the strawberry shake just look at it as your medicine to be skinny. thats what somebody on here told me.
also if you need anything even if its an embarrassing question you know we are here for you! get yourself involved on here and your trip on the slim train will be as enjoyable and positive as can be!
good luck! let us know how you get on! x


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Hiya Lisa!!

Welcome aboard!

I liked all of the shakes but I agree with Bells, it is the worst of the lot (even though I still loved it) So if you like it im pretty sure you will like them all!

Let us know how you get on!

When do you go back to the chemist? xxx
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Hi lisa, i agree about the strawberry shake, so i wouldn't write the program off if you hate the strawberry - I can't stand it, but love the vanilla and choc !

Anyways... welcome to the forum and good luck on your journey. xx
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lisa welcome to the mad house,please come back when you have been to the chemist,if you deicide to start on the LT you would have just made the right choice to a healthier life.just drink the water and have your 3 shakes a day and just watch the weight drop of you.heres to you kid.x


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Agree its the worst one out of the 3 i think.When i started they all didnt taste that great but after a week you will learn to love them.Ice cold choc shake with chopped ice too really makes it taste like a mcdonalds one lol.
Good luck with the journey its the best diet ever and you wont regret it.



No longer a redhead though!
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Hello ladies, and thank you for the wonderful welcome! I will be ringing the chemist next week. I tend not to like strawberry flavoured things (love strawberries though) but I didn't dislike the shake at all. I used an empty 2litre milk carton to shake the shake and that worked well bar a couple of tiny lumps. I have trouble drinking ice cold water and find that room temperature water goes down a lot better - no gagging! So the iced versions may or may not be good for me.

Was searching for the varieties of 'leaf tea' and think that in addition to peppermint (read on here) camomile; nettle; green and chi should be okay too??

Lisa x
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Try adding a spoon of dissolved coffee to the vanilla and choc ones - mmm, lush !! xx
S: 16st11lb C: 13st13lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st12lb(17.02%)
Was searching for the varieties of 'leaf tea' and think that in addition to peppermint (read on here) camomile; nettle; green and chi should be okay too??

Lisa x
Not camomile - thats a flower - not sure about green and chi though !!


No longer a redhead though!
S: 15st2.7lb C: 14st9.7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.29%)
Thanks for that nerac - camomille is off the sheet.

I am still excited about the start of my programme and had a double edged sword. I realise that I may feel a bit rough after a couple of days starting it so my mind is set to begin either on a Wed or a Thursday.

Now a good friend has come back to the UK from Africa for the first time in years and I have a small window in which to make the journey to London to see her. So am going up on the 6th Feb, so starting Lipo next week is not a good idea for me.

All going well with the chemist I reckon my start date will around 10th Feb! Watch this space - am a tad scared about how much I do actually weigh; at least I can then do a proper 'ticker'. Lisa

p.s are there any pre lipo tips... maybe I should start drinking more water now really eh?
S: 16st11lb C: 13st13lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st12lb(17.02%)
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Welcome and good luck. This foram realy is a life line use it all you can when ever I crave food or feel down I come on here and honestly the support you get can't be better if you paid for it. I'm on week four and though you still have temptation i don't think it's any worfsw than on any other diet. I think LTbis great and it's the best decisioni have ever mad.

I wish you the best of luck

we can all do it a newer thinner us for 2010

kaz x