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Been to the Docs!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone! Just come back from the Docs with my Medical Form SIGNED AND STAMPED!!!!!! :DSOOOOOOOOO happy! Off to the CDC this afternoon to collect my shakes and soups! Hopefully starting tomorrow....Thanks to everyone for their reassurance over the last few days!! You've been a great help! xxx
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Good luck with your CD journey. Bet you'll do really well. x
Thats great!! Read your earlier post and was wondering how you got on!! Good luck with your journey to a slimmer you!! :D

Just remember that once Ketosis kicks in, you wont be hungry and it becomes much easier...get through the first few days and youll be laughing! :)
Hi Becky - I have lots to lose aswell!! My BMI is 46 and i would like to lose between 9 and 10 stone!! I've always been daunted at the amount of weight i have to lose but lots of mini targets along the way will hopefully get me through!! Going to start tomorrow - not sure what to do today.......i'm just drinking alot of water and keeping my food intake low. My CDC did not tell me otherwise?? How about you....have you been preparing yourself?

Minty - thanks for your words of encouragement! I looked at your pics the other day and could not get over how well you had done!! How bad are the first few days?? I figured that if i start on Saturday, the first two days i will be at home.......

Thanks to everyone else for their kind words!



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Good luck. I had 12 stone to lose when i started so i know how daunting it is. You'll be fine, just keep glugging the water and stick with the plan and the weight will fall off. I started on a Sat too and did find the first few days hard but not everyone is the same. By the time your first weigh in comes it will be so worth it :)

Oh and the only 'prep' i did on the Fri was to have Pizza for my tea, lol :D
LOL - there was me thinking i should have a green salad!! Congrats on your weight loss AVA - that is amazing!!! Have you exercised much while doing the cd?? xxx


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Apart from lots of walking, no nothing. Going to start swimming when i get chance and also thinking about joining a gym :)
hi kayjay/ava

well im 20 stone so have about 10stone to lose but id just love even to be a size 16 or 18 that wud be brill for me!!(size 24/26 now :cry:) I havent really been preparing as such but have started to drink water again but it really hard and bf bought coke last night so i have been drinking that instead oh im so bold!! my cbc didnt say to do anything she just said i was good to start just to collect the shakes. Im gona eat my self silly tomorrow I know i shouldnt though!
I'm 22 stone Becky (and 5'9"). Drinking the water will get easier - luckily its something i've always drunk alot of in work, will just have to try and keep it up at home aswell!! My CDC gave me a pot of powder that you can dissolve 1 teaspoon into 1 ltr of water.....different flavours available. Thought it would be worth a try! Have you got any?
im 5 foot 6! i used to drink alot of water when i was preg also after it but then just started on coke and cud never get of. Im sure i will be able to do it. I have to this time i told my bf to be really mean and kick me up the a*se!! I havent got my stuff yet but getting them in the morning i'l ask her about the flavourings for the water, thats a great idea might make it easier to drink so hows today been your last day eating? I bet you cant wait to get started! Im mad to get going :D
Todays been good - went and collected my stuff then went shopping with my cousin....looking at all the clothes i would love to wear was loads of inspiration!! Like you i am 24/26 sometimes a 28.....i would love to just be able to buy an 18 or a 16 in a shop other than evans!!

On the food front, I've had a banana, an egg sandwich and loads of water!! Going to have the latest M & S advert food for dinner tonight!! Salmon fishcakes with salad. Sort of want to have a blowout but know that that will only make it worse for me tomorrow!! Good luck Becky - I'm sure that we'll do great judging by the success others have had!! xxxxx :)
hey again girls,

cheers for all the gud luck msgs means alot ;) still cant get over the amount some people have lost on this diet..the pictures are amazing people look so different and a lot younger. its just flippen amazing. know what you mean about the clothes shopping omg hate it such a nightmare..i hate evans everything out of there makes me look bigger than i am (lol i am big though!!) and there quite expensive i find? im in irl though maybe they put up the prices..! I would love to shop in penneys/primark that would be like heaven for me soooo cheap!!
your doing brill on the food for today if that was me id be eating all in front of me :party0011:
im sure we will get on good i reckon i can stick to it if i get over the 1st week. ive nothing nice is the house at all to eat, throw out loads of stuff to day. so will prob eat out tomorrow night! ok im so rambaling on now. good luck tomorrow :girlpower:

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