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  1. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Hi Everyone!

    If anyone is ever in doubt that they can't carry on here are my before and after pics to prove you can.... I was on Lipotrim for 4 months until just after christmas 2012 and have been maintaining since then..... but I have still got a final stone to get rid of grrrr! But it is in hand!

    In total so far including my time on lipotrim and from weight loss through excercise i have lost just over 11stone ... so just need another 1 to get me to 10 and I will be happy as a kid at christmas!!


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  3. CrazyCatLady

    CrazyCatLady Full Member

    you look amazing, well done!
  4. faery_lights

    faery_lights Going Places

    Congratulations! You look amazing!
  5. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Thanks girls it was worth every minute of hard work! Xxx
  6. jenny83

    jenny83 Member

    Bloody hell you look great! Seeing you has made me more determined to carry on.

    Well done. You should be very proud of yourself.
  7. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Hi Jenny!

    Thanks so much I am very proud of myself, more proud that I let the skinny girl out to live her life...... And of course wear pretty dresses haha!
    What diet are you on Hun? Xx
  8. jenny83

    jenny83 Member

    Hello! I'm doing Calorie counting.
  9. cookie12

    cookie12 Full Member

    wowzers, you look absolutely amazing :D

    Well done you, fantastic achievement.

  10. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Cool is all going well? Xx
  11. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Hi Thanks cookie! X
  12. HappyNoodles

    HappyNoodles Gold Member

    Oh wow peach you look absolutely brilliant!! Have just been reading your diary, really enjoying it! Well done!
  13. leedsforever

    leedsforever Silver Member

    Amazing babe....

    I hate looking at old pics of myself lol xx
  14. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Thanks guys yeah I admit the old pics don't sit we'll with me either but they serve as a good reminder of what it could be like which puts the fear of god in me!!! Haha never again! Xxx
  15. Leannem18

    Leannem18 New Member

    Wow peach that's amazing this is my first day and seeing those pics have made me more determined to stick to it, well done on your weight loss!
  16. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Thanks Hun, whatever diet you are doing just stick with it I promise you it's so worth every minute! Xx
  17. MidlandsMiss

    MidlandsMiss Member

    Thank you for posting these!
    I started yesterday with my starting weight closer to 16 stone than i would like it to be, i keep looking at myself and thinking 'its impossible' to sort this out. I needed to see this!
    You look amazing and are such an inspiration!

    Im sure you will get off that last stone soon
  18. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!


    You can definitely sort it out Hun, I went from above 22st and I'm now 10st 5! It seemed such a long way in the beginning but once you get started properly and start seeing results you will see you can do it.
    Exercise is a big part too hun find an activity you enjoy and stick to going that will speed things up and also stand you in good stead for when you are maintaining xxx
  19. Miss_J

    Miss_J Full Member

    wow you look amazing hun, you must feel so proud of yourself.
  20. x-tuesdayemma-x

    x-tuesdayemma-x Silver Member

    WOW :) x
  21. peach pip

    peach pip Nothing but Fuzz!

    Thanks so much guys xxx

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