before and after photos!!


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Have just put my photos in the gallery , so i hope you like them and they give any strugglers some hope that they can do it too!!
WOW!! <speechless!!> :eek:
Bloody hell!

Is that really you???

Very, very glamorous and very very impressive!

OK, But I can't find the Before Photo!!!
Will have to look when I get a break at work later! But you look fantastic in your new pics! Well done you must be proud! I hope I look half as good as you when I get to goal!
Thankyou for all your lovely comments,
As i am having a bit of a struggle at the moment to get a very unwelcome 10 lbs off at the moment I am using my photos as motivation to help me see how far I have come,

As to finding the photos I am not too sure because all I think you do is go into gallery and look, I am not sure if you can search or not. i am going to try to put a before and after together.

I saw your pics yesterday and was totally gobsmacked!!! You really are a stunningly beautfiul woman!

Well done you!!!!!!!

God you look amazing..............
Execpt:how much have you lost AND how long has it taken you?
Well done:D :) :D
My god! Its not the same person!! WOWWWW!