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Before and after

I hope this works.

The first is from 2003, when I think I was just under 15 stones, the second is my low point (or high point in weight) in May 2010 when I was 16st 7. The third is a photo of me in 2008, eating. As usual.

Update: The last is from Feb 10th 2011
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Playing rugby in August 2010 (just over 14st) and at a wedding in July (14st 7)


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Hi Tim13, isn't it amazing how the weight makes us look soo much older !!! Loved the photos, you are rocking it, the last photo is brill, how many inches have you lost off your waist ???

Thanks, I've gone from bursting out of 40" waist trousers to fitting into 36" comfortably and squeezing into some 34", so I guess about 6" total
Thanks for the support!

I basically eat 3 meals a day and have cut out:

All snacks except fruit
Take away food of all kinds
Large portions except for salad and veg

I do some exercise every day (at least before I had my recent operation) but only light exercise for 15-30 minutes.

I allow myself occasional larger meals out, including dessert, but stick to good quality food. Perhaps once a fortnight.

After the op I haven't felt too good and have started to want food again when I'm not hungry - I value all your support right now to make sure I don't start my previous eating habits again.
After the op I haven't felt too good and have started to want food again when I'm not hungry
I'm sorry you had to go through an operation - it does knock us off course doesn't it? I think it's because we are down emotionally as well as physically - we can cope with one or the other. If you are not able at the moment to distract yourself by going for a brisk walk, or housework or decorating - or whatever physical activity you previously chose you brain goes back to a previous default - food. Are there other distractions you can immerse your mind in if you can't do physical ones at the moment. Photography springs to mind because I love that - or learning to play a musical instrument. Anything that is new and engrossing, less time for your mind to wander to food. I'm sure you will not go back to foody ways - you sound much too determined to allow that to happen. Take care xxx.
Well done Tim13, The pictures are really great, you must be feeling really good about it :)
Wow!! Well done!! :D :D
Thanks everyone, I'm picking up a bit now and managed to get some exercise tonight but I do feel pretty tired after a couple of inactive weeks. Hopefully I can resume where I left off and get to the next goal (down to 12st 7 in 3 weeks time)
Broken the 80kg barrier after a bit of a flat period and should be down to 12st 7lbs by the end of the week.
Well done Tim, those photo's are great, thanks for posting them mate, I love B&A's
Went shopping today and fitted into some really nice 34" trousers. That's from bursting out of 40" 5 months ago. Also a medium casual shirt and an inch off the shirt collar for some formal shirts for work.

I actually enjoyed shopping for clothes - never thought I'd see that day. I could actually pick from a range of stuff rather than clothes that hid my body.
That's really great about the trousers and shirts, Well done :)
Well done Tim, I felt great the first time I could buy from Normal shops rather than "Big" Man shops, it's a great feeling isn't it./ :)
I needed a suit for my son's graduation and the one I bought in July is too big. I found one in the wardrobe from 15 years ago and it fits really well. Nice suit too!

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