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"Before" and "Half Way There" Photos


Always Struggling...
Finally uploaded "before" and "half way there" photos onto my signature. :)

I actually never wanted to show my "before" photo to anyone, but I'm not that bothered now! ;)

Don't think I was at my heaviest in the "before" photo. I was probably about 13st 10 lbs in that photo. My heaviest weight was about 14st 12 lbs.

I actually thought I was a lot bigger than I am (if that makes sense). I looked at the picture and actually thought I looked ok (for once). Don't know what is wrong with me. I seem to think I'm fat no matter what weight I am. :(

Half way there! :D
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theres no piccies :p


Always Struggling...
Omg...have I done it wrong?!! He he he!

Can you see them now, Kel? I've changed the privacy status on them.
awwww you look so pretty and slim, you dont need to lose anymore weight!


Always Struggling...
awwww you look so pretty and slim, you dont need to lose anymore weight!

Awww.....thanks Kel! You're so sweet! :)

I've got a belly though! I want to lose some inches on my waist. Also need to tone up the top of my thighs.

Still some work to do! :D
i guess you will stop when you're happy but im just giving my poinion you look stunning as you are!

hows the exante going btw?



Always Struggling...
He he he! Thanks, you're such a sweetheart! :)

Exante is going well. Managed to stick to it yesterday and today. Hopefully this trend will continue for the rest of the week and I will lose some weight this week. :D

How's your Avidlite / low carb diet going?
i finally got into the 13's last week using them :) but iv chucked it out the window for a few days as iv been having some problems with my OH :(


Always Struggling...
Aww....noooo! Well done for getting into the 13's, but you can't let men get in your way, Kel!

Men....more trouble than they are worth! Ha ha ha!

Seriously, you've done so well so far....get back on track and carry on being a loser! :D
im not gorging on naughty foods so thats a good thing im just sick of shakes and shakes and more shakes

im just eating healthily for a few weeks and exercising to take away my frustrations!


Always Struggling...
I know what you mean, Kel! I get to that point as well! Sick of being on a liquid diet! But I like that fact that when I stick to it, the weight does come off.

Hang in there, hun! Eat some healthy solid food for a few days and then get back onto the diet when you're in the right frame of mind. :)


Happy to be slim at last
Great pics Lisa. You look really good and don't look like you need to lose weight. But only you know how you want to be. You will be at goal in no time at all.
You were beautiful before and even more beautiful now lisa. Gorgeous bone structure....am very jelous!
I agree. it doesn't look like you need to lose any more weight but you know how you feel inwardly so go for it.


Always Struggling...
Thanks Sarah and dreamingmaid! :thankyou:

My BMI is still over 25 though. :( I have set my goal at 10st 7 lbs, but I might be happy at 11st or 11st 7 lbs. I won't be sure yet until I get there. But I won't over-do it, promise! :D


Always Struggling...
Ps, you should feel very proud of your achievement, you have done very well

Thanks dreamingmaid! :D

I am proud that I managed to stick to something for this long! Even though I have had my blips along the way, I have managed to lose weight and keep it off this time.

You're doing really well too! Keep it up and you will be half way there in no time. And before you know it, you'll be at goal! :)


Always Struggling...
That's the plan!....and looking at your pictures has really inspired me to keep going.

You can do it, dreamingmaid! :)

When you get 1/2 way, promise us you will upload some photos too! That will motivate you to keep going! :D


Always Struggling...
Ok, That's a promise!! How do you get your photo's on your sig though? I'm a bit of a technophobe, ha-ha!
Me too! It was easy actually though.

You just upload the photos onto your album on Minimins and then copy and paste the pictures onto your signature. Mine just stayed side by side, so I didn't even have to do any adjusting! That's good cos I wouldn't know how to anyway! :D

Looking forward to seeing the "half way there" new you! ;)