Before I even start - a couple of questions!


Food related of course!

I am DETERMINED to give CD a good go, have gone into ketosis using Atkins before and as I am already 100% caffeine free and drink at least 2 litres of water a day anyway, so am hoping that THAT part at least won't be too trying....want to kick the eating habit, so the food packs will help that out.


3 weeks after I intend to start, DH and I have a big night out, a gourmet meal evening and I would be depriving him if I cancel, also we very rarely go out together (about 3 times a year as no babysitters!) so its something we have been looking forward to for months!!! I thought I would eat as little as I can and choose carefully, but having read the boards and how food can make you ill, I am now wondering if I will even manage that!!

Add to that the 2 work christmas get togethers and I am wondering if I am better waiting til January to start, but I REALLY want to start NOW and lose a couple of stone by Christmas!!

Any thoughts, you experts out there??

Many thanks!
Hiya I started on Oct 1st after a big works thing on the friday night....TBH I have heard that once you stop it can be quite hard to get back into SS, but it depends on how determined you are....only you can decide to start now, or put it off till the new year, but for me I could have found a tonne of reasons not to do it when I did...and had been outting off doing something about my weight since June!!! Maybe if you try one of the higher calorie plans for the forst few weeks & then SS after Christmas? That would llow ou to make sensible choices on your nights out and you wouldnt have he guilt of ruining your diet!!

Good luck, watever you decide...and spend lots of time here...its fab!!
Hi BiB

No definitely start now, no need to delay. I had a wedding after only a week on CD and although I wouldn't recommend it I got through it fine. You could eat only the protein and green vegetables to be very good and make that week AAM week. I would recommend not drinking alcohol but if you want to eat the meal you should. By then you will be able to make this decision for yourself.

I ate the meal at the Wedding partly because I think it cost about £100 per head and it was relatively healthy organic caterers and I really enjoyed it with no guilt. I didn't drink at all though and also drank my CD shakes all day to keep up the nutrition and keep my appetite at bay. I did go to another Wedding a couple of months later where the food was terrible so ate as little as possible. I think as long as you make a controlled decision about it for yourself you will be fine. Avoiding too much carbs I think will stop you getting ill.

I wouldn't hesistate to recommend you start straight away as you will enjoy the event and Christmas so much more if you are feeling healthier and slimmer.

Good Luck
Dizzy x
Hi Kazz

the excuse thing is EXACTLY why I want to start now really, any normal night out and I would have cancelled, or done something else NOT involving food - its typical!!

Am going to see CDC next Monday as I go away from wed-sunday, so will see what she says, but the higher cal option is a good idea, might be worth trying that I guess!!

Thanks :)
It is so easy to put off but just think how much you could lose by Christmas and if you wait until after Christmas how much heavier you could be by then
Irene xx
Start now hun and lose something before the meal. In these 3 weeks you could lose around 10 -14lbs and think how much more confident you would feel at that meal! I know how hard it is to restart after you have eaten but if you are in the correct frame of mind then its easier.

Good luck to you and get those foodpacks started - it will be the best thing you ever did!
Hi Bib,

I'm not an expert! but I second what has been said, and if you did decide to try the higher route first it could help you slide into ketosis easier and also lose good weight, as it's still low cal comparitively. I don't think there's ever a perfect moment to start something like this, and I don't think you should miss out on those special things that mean so much, so if you can somehow combine the two that's amazingly good! :D

I wonder if you could answer me a little question (sorry to be cheeky!) I can't work out how you can go into ketosis on atkins if (from what I understand) you can eat normal sized meals but not carbs, whereas here you can't have carbs and have to stay under 800 kcals. Would you mind enlightening me?!!

Good luck with your journey - and keep posting, it's the best way to get through the beginning days (I do know that!!).
Just a quickie as am at work and have been dragged off to help out another team! How dare they make me work when I want to read the boards!!

Thanks to you all, I AM going to start next week and make a really good go of it, I KNOW the weight loss will spur me on as that is how I managed to stick to Atkins - it dropped off me the first few weeks.

Puddycat, I am far from an expert too, but was told that once your carb stores have gone, the body burns its fat stores for energy and you are then in ketosis, I have given my Atkins book away long ago so can't tell you the techincal jargon for it. I used to use Ketosticks to see if I was still in ketosis if I had a bad few days LOL

Oh am excited now!!
Thanks Bib, I think I understand that bit, it's just confusing me as to the calorie business...anyway enough of that!

Good luck and keep going with it - even when the going gets tough!! xxx
Hi All,

Please dont wait there is no time like now, even if you do end up eating you'll find you've still lost weigh whereas if you dont start now then its even possible that because you know you'll be dieting after your meal you'll end up eating more than usual.

Good luck
It is the carbs that throw you out of ketosis not the calories - once your body isn't getting the 'sugar' to metabolise it goes into fat metabolism and you go into ketosis..... on Atkins you also have appetite suppression and gradually eat less without thinking about it so keep losing weight but if you eat anything high carb. you seem to get ravenously hungry (or at least I did! :) ) the basic principle is the same as CD
:) thanks Azlan (love the name and love the film and book) -

I just couldn't get how it worked compared to 790, 1000 etc. Now I understand and can sleep easy!!

Thank you xx
Hi All,

Its great to see all these members on here, just a quick question have any of you taken up exercising was keen to find out if it helped with the weightloss as i need to lose 2 stone in 6 weeks and started jogging 4 days ago.

Do you think it will help....
Does exercise help?

Hi All,

Its great to see all these members on here, just a quick question have any of you taken up exercising was keen to find out if it helped with the weightloss as i need to lose 2 stone in 6 weeks and started jogging 4 days ago.

Do you think it will help....