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Before n afters as promised!

Ok guys, here are my before and afters! I still have just over half a stone to go till i'm 'healthy' bmi wise.

The first shot was taken in Jan 09, the month before i started losing. The second was taken in Aug 08 whilst on my hols in Egypt. I struggled to find any of me at my largest to be honest and especially of me 'full length'. Not the best shot but i think it shows the difference between then and now.

The ones of me in the black dress were taken about a month ago on a night out on the town with my best mate. First pair of leggings i've owned since i was probably about 5yrs old. Bargain frock, £99.99 down to £29.00, FCUK. It hugs in the right places and covers up the bad. Sweet.

I intend on wearing the same dress to my Xmas do next weekend. I was going to get something posh but i can do without the extra expense at the moment and i was comfortable wearing that dress so i think i'll stick with it. Knowing me i'll only end up getting drunk n falling over anyways so a posh frock is probably a bad idea.

Thanks to all who have supported me these last few months. I still have a little way to go but i'll get there slowly and surely.

Anyways, here goes folks...
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Fantastic difference - you look like you didn't carry much weight around your face when you were bigger so your face looks only a little different but the change in your arms and waist is brilliant.
Well done lady!


Staff member
You look fantastic and I love your black dress!

Congratulations and well done:happy096:


Love Mini xxx


running strictly on fat!
What a difference!!! Well done sweetie - u must be soooo proud lol
Thanks ladies :) It's strange but i don't actually 'feel' any different. I mean obviously i notice the difference size wise but mentally i'm still the same. Talk about needing to bring your head inside n the body will follow! I've still not conquered that part yet.

Board, it's strange as most people say i've changed the most facially! LOL. I don't think the pics are the best to be able to tell from really.

Mini, i love the dress too! It's a size 12 which i was chuffed to get into (and even had to have taken in!!). I didn't think there was any point in trying a dress on in that size when i saw it in the sale but i thought sod it i'll give it a go! Luckily the only fitted parts are around my smallest areas.
Minimimi, yes i am pretty proud of myself. Never thought i'd get this far! When i first started CD i aimed to lose enough to get me into the overweight bmi bracket. Then once there i thought, what the hell, i'll keep going and trying my best to see if just maybe for the first time in about 8yrs i can get back into the healthy range. Almost there now... I'm hoping this thread will spur me on some more as i've struggled a little these last few weeks.
Blimey, Claire you look fantastic, what change in your waist arms and face love, what a beauty darling. Well done and good for you.


going to do it!!!!
Claire you look fab!!!
im just a week into cd restart and would love to be able to put my before and afters on here. what a huge difference you look totally different and fantastic you must be so proud, LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress:D
Morning all!! Thanks Jim, Laura, Josiejo n Cazza :D My head will explode soon! Your comments are really appreciated as i've definately found the last few weeks mentally tough back on the food again. I've considered coming back to low carbing time and time again and to be honest i still am. However, i weighed in this morning and have lost 2.2lbs since i last updated my ticker (just about to do so now with great pleasure!). Not sure how long it's taken to lose that but i reckon around the last week. It took a couple weeks to get into SW and i've also had a few trips out for tea/night out etc. My weight's gone up/down n sts for a few weeks now but hanging around at roughly the same which to be honest i'm happy with as it proves i can and will sts once i'm done. Just a few more lb's to go... Onwards n downwards! :D
wow, what a difference...just looking fantastic!!! xx


Queen of the Damned
You were lovely before, but you look stunning now - you look so happy!! :cool: Well done on your fantastic achievement, and thank you for sharing :cool:
All second everything that was said.. You are sexy, hot and beautiful :) you should be proud of yourself and smile.. hey are you still doing SW?
I know this isn't related but DQ who is the HUNK and SEXY man on your Avatar? I had to do a double take and not drool :drool:


running strictly on fat!
I know this isn't related but DQ who is the HUNK and SEXY man on your Avatar? I had to do a double take and not drool :drool:
OMG!!!!!I can't believe I missed him ....LOL:drool::drool::drool::rotflmao::banana dancer:

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