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"Before" Photos


maintaining since June'09
Hi Guys!!

I've just managed to crop and upload some "before" and "during" photos and make an album on here if anyone feels like a nosey!

I'm a bit peeved though because I ever so carefully uploaded and labelled them in chronological order and they're in there in reverse ...... I'm afraid I can't face doing it again!! - I'm sure you'll manage :) .... xx
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Guess who's back...?
Great photos Jan - you've done so well!! You look so much slimmer/younger in your avatar pic... think it is the short hair too, really suits you! The pic at your son's wedding is lovely, fab outfit. You'll be at goal in no time - keep going with the pics... as you'll see from my pics, I became a real photo whore once the weight started dropping off on lighter life! Hehe x


maintaining since June'09
WOW! Your pics are fantastic. I'm not surprised you like posting them - I'd be really proud if I was you! xx

Thanks for your kind words by the way!! xx
WOW ! Jan you have done so well, I was looking at photos, this weekend and cringeing at what I did look like and hey - I wore a bikini yesterday at the spa... Something I haven't done in many years and whilst I am a long way from where I would like to be I felt comfortable with where I am at for now... Absolutely amazing !!!


maintaining since June'09
Thanks Laura - still a long way (or weigh ;)) to go!

Go You in your bikini!!! In the end it's all about how you feel so good for you girl!!
I have NEVER had a bikini figure - have never owned one and don't intend to inflict that upon the world at this late stage - but I'm quite happy in a one piece!! xx


maintaining since June'09
You have to have 50 posts before you can do a lot of things on here - you'll soon be there! x

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