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beginning exante journey!


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hello all,

im beginning the exante programme tomorrow having finished lighterlife about 6 weeks ago, i got to my goal weight and was really happy but went a bit crazy with the food so its back to abstinence for me for a few weeks! i think its best to sort out any weight gain now before it and i get bigger and bigger! i think this time i will be able to complete abstinence and be able to follow a healthy eating routine as i will be doing it for a shorter amount of time (i did lighterlife for 5 months and lost 8 stone) and food wont seem so amazing as it did this time as i have had my binge period! im hoping that the losses i had on lighterlife will be similar on exante and i plan to go to the gym quite a bit during the week, ive learnt that while it might sometimes affect your losses it really is worth toning your body as you lose weight! i haven't weighed myself as yet, gonna do it in the morning and see how it goes! am a bit nervous cause i think i have put on a lot in such a short time and feel so lethargic and also quite achey(?) which i dont really understand haha but im hoping that that will go soon! im gonna post my weight losses on here, i feel i need a public place to be able to write down my weight loss so that i have an incentive to keep on track :)
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Good luck tomorrow and thereafter! I'm in my first week - third day to be exact - still hungry but I know it will go. I did LL last year for a few months but after feeling quite ill I came off and since then I've put all the weight back on. It's not rocket-science is it?! So made the decision to lose the weight for good this time and hope to get a couple of stones off before mid July when I'm off on holiday.

Did attending the gym limit your weightloss in the past? I'm interested cause I thought of uping mine to speed up the process?



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Welcome emz449,

The good thing is that you have quickly realised that you were in danger of falling back into old habits and have taken immediate steps to arrest it. 8 stone in 5 months is a fantastic achievement and one you should be very proud of.:D

Love Myr xxx
Yes 8 stone is an absolutely fantastic loss. I should imagine you don't need to do the total Exante plan now though, you'll be able to have some food too - that way it will help ease you back into having 'normal' food again. I know for me, and I suspect for lots of people here, I will always have to be careful what I eat, and compensate if I go a bit crazy. For the rest of my life.


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Welcome!! and dont forget you will get all the support you need from these boards, I know I would have given up this week without everybody xx


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thanks for your replies :) yeh i do think i am going to have a protein based meal and 2/3 foodpacks so that i can get used to eating again and then when i reach a weight im comfortable with, gradually reintroduce foods properly in an rtm type way! i guess the way im gonna do it is to try and think of it is as a lifestyle change and not just a diet :sigh:
i am totally the same, i want to try and get summer holiday ready and to be able to wear shorts and not feel worried about how i look or anything and just enjoy the (hopefully) hot weather here and abroad :)
for me exercise was sooooo confusing! for the first three months it really helped with my weight loss, i usually had between 4-7lbs weekly and i do think that it was because of exercise, i did mostly running for an hour and a half and then some swimming and i really enjoyed it, the losses did slow down and on some occasions the scales showed that i was a lb or 2 heavier which was really scary, but i dont think it was to do with muscle building because i was jogging as opposed to sprint running with works and bulks the legs muscles more (according to my gym instructor!!) and more to do with having not drunk enough water when exercising and my body holding onto whatever it could get! i was a real scale watcher and had to give them to my sister so that i wouldnt weigh myself between weight ins! i guess whats more important are the inches you lose from your body so im gonna add some resistance training too so that i can tone up :character00115:
and feel so lethargic and also quite achey(?)

not 'arf. Had a non abstinent blip owing to house purchase trauma. Have since discovered a number of things:-

1) It's not actually worth it, and while things are nice they don't make me feel any better.
2) I think I enjoyed the shopping for interesting farmers market things more than the consumption.
3) Jeez - is this the amount of washing up I used to have to do?? However did I find the time?
4) My pre-diet aches have since returned. Not to the same extent, but some are there, esp in the mornings. Only really noticed in the last day or two. Was a bit creaky again this morning. Prolly put some weight back on, but not that much. Still in me 'small' clothes and ring still needs re-sizing. So it's not like I'm back to what i was, or anything.

Don't entirely get that meself either, can only assume the fundamental nutrition was better on the VLCD than if left to run riot. Either that or I have some minor 'intolerance' to something I've been eating. Suspect it's more the former, rather than the latter, but one cannot rule these things out.

but yeah, strangely I'm with you on that one - noticed it myself. Best of luck with it. :)


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Good luck emz and well done for getting back in control after only 6 weeks, wish I had done that. If you stay commited you'll have the weight off in no time and can concentrate on RTM. All the best.


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good luck on your journey, fab weight loss already


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hmmm had not such a successful week, a friends leaving party from work over the weekend meant we went out for a meal and drinks, obviously not abstinent type behaviour woops! however im back on it tomorrow and this time for good, no more excuses and no more letting myself have the odd treat! its a lot harder going back onto a vlcd having been able to eat for a while, but i need to be able to get back into the right frame of mind otherwise the scales are only going to carry on going the wrong way! i hope everyone else has been more successful this week :) xx
Meh - what's done is done. But getting back on that wagon is real difficult - had issues myself, TBH.



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Good luck for this week...keep your eyes on the prize and you will get there.

Love Boo x x


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yep definitely will be, thanks for the support guys :) dont want to be another statistic for the dailymail's hate campaign on vlc diets! xx


Is a woman on a mission.
Hows it going Emz?

Lovely weather to be sipping an ice cold shake in don't you think?
Hi, just catching up with entries, seeing other people's success is a real incentive. 8 stone with LL is terrific, what a fabulous result - :clap:


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hello! ha yes nice weather indeed, unfortunately though i did not get on with the milk shakes when i did lighterlife and i thought the same might apply with exante so i bulk bought a months supply of soups! i wont lie it is a challenge having to have soup on days like today and over the weekend but the end result is worth it i guess, when i did lighterlife i always felt so cold so hopefully that will happen again and i'll be able to enjoy it more :D havent weighed myself yet, but feeling a lot less bloated on my face and tummy (where it alllllllways goes!) which is fun to see, thats why i love these programmes if you stick to it, it works so quickly its almost a miracle! been going to the gym and spinning quite a bit too, had a class tonight, god it hurts so much! the instructor is a devil on that bike! the only thing im worried about is that im seeing some uni friends on friday which could potentially lead to drink/eating, university and that lifestyle is what lead to me putting on all the weight in the first place, i seem to change back to that mentality whenever i see my uni friends, ekkkkk! wish me luck and hopefully i wont be on here moping saturday morning and feeling sorry for myself! xx

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