Beginning to get the hang of it


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RTM has been strange so far for me.
It has been difficult to accept that I am now allowed to eat, in fact I have to eat.
I was worried I would not be able to control my eating.
I have re-visited the RTM book, asked my OH not to keep making comments about the amount of salad I'm having.
I'm almost at the end of my second week.
So far I have kept it quite simple.
Tonight i had a small piece of fresh salmon which I had sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper, lemon juice, a few fresh basil leaves and smoked paprika then baked in the oven.
I had it with mixed salad leaves. Made a dressing from 2 tsps natural low fat yogurt, wine vinegar and lemon juice. I have introduced cooked tomatoes a few days early, but wanted something hot.
For the first day I am not getting the feeling of panic that I might put weight back on.
However, i don't like the feeling of my digestive system workng again and feeling food moving through my insides. Never noticed it before LL.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Glad its going well SB - it IS a lot to adjust too!! ANd itsn't it strange that we can feel food in our systems! That does take getting used to!

Don't be surprised to find you are more food-aware then you have ever been in your life!!

I hope M soon stops questioning - I can understand his doing so, and it is probably meant as a supportrive gesture. C was a bit like that to start. But it is very off putting. So I do hope that stops.

C's concern was the amount of salad could strestch our stomachs, as they will have shrunk. He felt the volume, while not caloric - could be stretching the tum, and would therefore cause hjunger pangs to arise, etc.

I did speak to LLC about this, and she said as lettuce and veg are 90% water, the pass through far to swiftly to stretch. And the bulk is important to keep us full as we slip back out of ketosis. ANd its also great fibre. SO he needs to understand you are doing as you are ment to be.

On our trip C and I had those same conversations, and again - about the amount of salad leaves. Then his dad started asking me 'jokingly' "What you having now, then??" if saw me chewing.

I pulled C aside, and told him one of the worst most detrimental things they can do is start "waching" me, as it was that that started me on a very dark path in my first marraige.

Once he understood, he backed off. I hope M can see that too. I can always lend a word. :)

Hope you have a good day, and I'll see you at the pub tomorrow!



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Thanks BL,
Yesterday I think was a turning point in RTM for me. It was the first meal I allowed myself to enjoy if you know what I mean. Up till then I had been very unadventurous and just had either plain sliced chicken breast or tinned tuna with salad leaves,lemonn juice and black pepper.
I remember you saying that it was a hassle spending the time planning what to eat, preparing, washing up etc. So true.And that's just for 1 meal.
Suddenly it seems like a waste of time, strange when it became the focus of my life and my identity with family and friends over so many years. Still got lots to get my head round. It doesn't all stop when you reach your goal does it?
Regarding M, I did speak to him yesterday and said you are going to have to stop commenting every time you see me eating. He means to be supportive and it must be strange to see me with a plate of food after almost a year. Maybe he's afraid of his slim happy wife disappearing again under a fat suit!
Have a good day. Can you believe I said that to an American!
Can't wait to catch up tomorrow about your job searching.
See ya 6.30.:girlpower: