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Beige food....Nooooooooooooo!!!!!


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As a slimming world member that has been down nearly two stone then back up to only 4lbs lost I was in a rut, Xmas day came and I had a party I looked at the spread of food and all I saw was beige and brown............OH MY GOD! I have now decided that I am never again eating Beige or Brown food ever again, even if it does taste really great.
In fact I weent to Asda yesterday and by the checkout my trolley was rainbow coloured!
So is anyone with me, to cut out the beige in our diet and see what happens?
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Im with you on that... we went to hubbies works xmas do and I described the "spread" exactly the same.. a sea of beige n brown :sign0137:..I filled my plate and gave it to hubby and waited until I got home to have some "proper food" :p...
I love to see a plate full of pretty colours and do my best to "eat a rainbow" every day (helps that I adore all fruit n veg) ;) -
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I agree with this too. I actually feel a bit ill if i only eat beige and brown foods (ie too much bread, pastries, cakes etc). it always makes me think of Gillian McKeith on You are what you eat programme. When she would look at someones food diary and then put it on the table without any colour in it.
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Do you know I have never consider brown and beige food before but you are so right.

My diet since SW has been mostly rainbow coloured, I have just enjoyed some lovely roasted red peppers and cucumber with my cheese HEB, not a sign of beige................

From now on I will look at brown and beige so differently.
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Oh how I agree with you guys, tho like some of the others, never thought of it that way either. Thanks for pointing it out Mrs*S, it's given me inspiration after a blow out day! :(


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I did actually class Pasta in that too but thinking about it and asking my SW consultant Pasta is Aok! (anyways when you put tomatoes on it it becomes red lol)
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What a great post!!! I agree entirely, rainbows the way to go :) Even my daughter comments on how colourful my meals are. I actually hate all that buffet stuff, sausage rolls etc yuck!
The way I had it explained to me is that the different colours in fruit and vegetables are indicative of different types of nutrients, vitamins, etc.

For instance, the orange in carrots comes from carotene.

So the more different colours that you eat, the wider the range of nutrients you are eating.

Now this is probably an oversimplification, but it makes sense to me!!
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Rainbow foods are certainly the way forward! x
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