Being asked to do bridesmaid and have eight stone to lose:((((

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  1. Bugsy30

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    Hi ladies ,
    Really find this site fantastic, especially this forum! My dilemma is I lost just over 11 st for my wedding over three years ago, and felt amazing, but slowly but surely I've put back on nearly 9 st!!!! I know a disaster, had a baby boy last year, but was do disciplined when pregnant and managed to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise, coz I didn't want to put my baby at risk!!
    In the year since I've managed to put on a further three stone, husband was let go, was at home all day during my mat leave so alot of comfort eating took place!!!!
    Anyways my very best friend has asked me to be bridesmaid in 2012 , and I'm dreading it!! Told her no at first coz I had too many areas to hide and cover up and didn't want her to have to change her ideal dresses because of me!!! But have decided now that I will do, however the thought of the hard slog that I did four years ago just seems like climbing everest!!!joined sw three weeks ago and then had a brutal week last week and next week I'm goin to new York for a few days for my Sis 21 st!!!
    I'm sorry it's so longwinded but really need advice on how to speed up weight loss or wat ye did to stop yourself comfort eating??
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  3. brizzlepixie

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    Like you I have loads to lose, I want to go to Canada for my 30th with my oh, I want to enjoy it and be able to walk everywhere and not be held back. I'm on ww because I need the portion control element, this time I'm making little targets 5% body weight, 10% etc. For me I'm trying to allow a small treat twice a week, and walking - I have a long way to go, but I'm testing new things.. keep it interesting. Have free food ready to hand should you get munchies also I found drinking lots of water helps. It's not going to be easy but you've done it before, try to enjoy all the new techniques and recipes.. keep a diary and if you are having a rough day then come on here and talk to someone
    Good luck
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    Hi hun, welcome to minimins.

    Being asked to be a bridesmaid sounds like a fantastic incentive to lose this weight, and as the wedding's not till 2012 there's no need to panic.

    The only advice I can give re speeding up weight loss is to perhaps try a tfr diet ie LL or CD which gives very fast results.

    Anyway just a thought hun....good luck with whatever you do.

  5. SammyE

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    You can defo lose 8 stone by 2012!

    Ive lost 3 and a half stone since the end of May this year and thats including some epic fails! Im hoping to have lost 4 stone by the end of the year.

    Im now on Exante, which is food replacement, if I stick to plan 100% I will lose between 12 - 14lbs a month, just need to get back in the zone and actually stick to plan 100%!
  6. officiallygem

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    Best of luck with your weight loss! I'm bridesmaid for my friend june 2011 and we picked out our dresses about a month ago...i've already warned my mom (who is a dressmaker) that i'm determined there will be a LOT of alterations as i'm planning on being 3-4 sizes smaller by then :)
  7. Bugsy30

    Bugsy30 Full Member

    Sorry ladies thanks for all the support and advice, fell royally off the wagon when in new York, then Xmas but tomorrow is a new me'!!!
  8. Ammeh

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    Hi , I am also going to be bridesmaid in June ! I have over 5 stone to lose! The dress has been ordered and Im hoping theres going to be alot of material taken from it :)
    Everytime I have a sweet craving, I just think how great Im going to feel in my bridesmaid dress after losing the weight.
    Keep it up , you can do it !xxx
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