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Being honest and realistic - SW what are the chances?

I have about 8 stones to lose and have tried and failed so many diets in the past, I have lost count. I have also tried SW so many times, you would think I would know the plan inside out!!

My ? is, if sticking to SW 100%, with perhaps the occassional treat, how quick should I be able to shift so much weight and what weekly lbs loss should I expect? I would also want to incorporate some gentle exercise (swimming and dog walking!)

I rejoined a few weeks ago and over 4 weeks, lost 2lbs :( I haven't been back since (story every time!) I get so disheartened if I only lose slowly and then go back to my old ways. I also love my sweet foods and eating out but feel restricted when I am on SW. (I think this is my own doing tho.) Its just like food takes over if that makes sense and its all I think about!

So come on, tell it to me like it is. I feel like such a failure (again!) and will not be telling anyone I have rejoined again if I do, cos I know family and friends don't take me seriously on this subject.
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Lady Nebula

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Why would you be disheartened with a 2lbs loss??

I'm doing slimming world and yes it is slow, but it does work and it's such a 2normal" way of eating that it doesn't feel like a diet at all once you get into the swing of it. I've lost 4stone since the last week of November at an average of 1.8lbs a week and i have six still to go. I've never lost more than 3lbs, but it's a good healthy diet. Stick with it is my opinion.


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I think realistically, if you stick to the plan you're going to see a half a stone loss every month and that's a conservative estimate. If you have lots to lose you'll lose quicker at first!

When you have 8st to lose I can understand how 2lbs in 4 weeks would be disheartening. The first time on SW, were you 100% on plan?


One day at a time, one step at a time
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You can do this. If I can you can. I've failed more times than I've had hot dinners but this time I intend to see it through.

My weight losses are slow. I have to stop looking at the bigger picture for me to carry on and take it a week at a time. If I lose a 1lb a week then so be it.

I think the secret is to come on here daily for support, to keep a diary (on here if you like as people are fab and so helpful and supportive, and to plan meals and to keep varying foods and finding new recipes to keep your interest in the healthy eating plan. I also mix up the days and do some red and some EE.


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I am on the same page as you. I have about 9 stone left to use and this is my third attempt at SW. Having lost about 7lbs each time then quitting.

You have to WANT to do this. If you don't want to lose weight then you'll never be able to do it. So you have to ask yourself why you want to lose weight in the first place. Is it family pressure? Health concerns? Or do you want to lose weight for you?

Because until it's the latter it'll never happen. The minute you decide you want to lose weight join a group. Really absorb all the enthusiasm for that first week - write a diary, not just a food diary but a thought diary because when you start to struggle just reading about how excited you were in first week will really give you a boost!!

DO NOT expect to lose 4lbs a week. Expect yourself to lose 1lb maybe 2lb a week and be preapred to commit to this for the long haul. Losing at 1-2lbs a week it'll take you 2 years to lose 8 stone. But don't be disheartened by that!

Set yourself mini challenges and reward yourself for acheiving them. I buy myself a new pandora charm for every 7lbs lost (with the colour of my sticker on it).

Give yourself treats, I found that a 2 finger kit kat and a can of diet coke would satisfy my chocolate cravings (and at only 5.5 syns you can't go wrong!).

The essence of losing weight always boils down to willpower. Use it and you'll lose weight.

Good Luck :)

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Hiya Racquelscatt

When I started SW I was almost 20 stone and had 8 stone to lose, but it was too voerwhelming to think of it in those terms to begin with. I tried to break it down into half stone goals so that I kept motivated.

I'm 40 years old and from start to target took me 15 months and at the start the losses were not huge some weeks. I did gentle exercise at the start at have upped that since as the weight has come off and I've had more energy. Everyone is different though so you may lose quicker or slower than I did. Either way, loss is loss and all in the right direction!

It is possible to do it, but it is hard sometimes and like any lifestyle change it takes some determination and willpower. I'm like you and think about food a lot, but try to see it as a challange to find new recipes and think about all the things you can still have (even when eating out) and stick to plan.

Give it another go eh? We are all here to support you.

Debs xx


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I have at least another 7.5 stone to lose. Now I think personally you have the wrong mindset.
If you are looking for a diet where you lose the weight quickly and then you can go back to how you were before, then even if you lost the weight you will be back time and again when the weight comes back on.

The way I look at it, Slimming World is a new way of eating for life. The weight will take a year or more to come off but it WILL come off.
Don't get me wrong I'd like to get to a point where a cream cake won't put me back, but you know it won't kill me not to have it.
For me there was no point in starting SW until I had the right mindset, I love the fact that I have taken control of my life and the future looks better.

Sorry if this is a bit forthright.


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I have 8 stone to lose, I've lost 3 stone. It hasn't been very fast, 6 months to lose 3 stone. This is long term and I expect it to take me another year to lose the next 5 stone. I am realistic about my loss. Some weeks I'll lose 3lb and others I'll stay the same. I believe in the plan and plough on with it. If you want to lose 8stone you have to commit. Sod what family think this is for you and we are here to support you. I nearly quit in week two as my loss was slow but I am so glad I stuck with it as I'm now 3 stone lighter and I know I'll achieve my goal and maintain it. Going and staying to group is so essential for me, especially after a gain which I have learnt is not the end of the world. Good luck, dig deep you can do this but you have to see it as long term. X


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Ive lost 5 stone in 20 months. I am very social and like my all inc holidays. I have a weight loss diary on here, and you can read through it if you have a few spare hours!!!

Its not an overnight fix, and i now take it at 1lb a week - im happy to lose at that pace.

Good luck - it does work! xxx


I CAN do this
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I have been a member of SW since August and although I lost at first I put it all back on even though I still went to group. I didn't really have the motivation. However, the other week I wrote a for and against losing weight list and you know what, I found my real motivation. I looked deep inside at what I really felt and admitted the things I didn't want to admit. Now I know that whatever happens at WI I can look at that list and get a motivation boost. No I haven't been 100% all the time however I have a long way to go (about 8 stone) and I know this could take me a long long time. I don't see SW as a diet. I see it as my new life.


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I know it's a cliche, but all good diets start with the head. If the head is not in the right place, the diet (whichever one it is) will not work.
Don't rush it, like the others have said, take it 7lbs at a time.
SW is for life, once I realised that and stopped beating myself up every time I had a gain or didn't lose enough, I became a bit more accepting of it all.

It can be done, it just takes time and it doesn't matter if it takes years, if the weight is coming off then that can only be a good thing.

Good luck. x


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I agree 100% that your head has to be in the right place to succeed. You have to want to do it for you, be prepared to put some effort in and not expect miracles.

Try not to look at the big picture too much though, I started 14-15 months ago and have lost 6 and a bit stone. I need to do at least another couple to get anywhere near a healthy bmi. However, the difference it has already made to me is immense. I'm complimented on my achievement, I'm confident that I can fit into any size 16 I pick off the shelf and I can go on the school run without sweating even if it's freezing. Once you get into the swing of losing, the benefits that you see and feel will keep you going.

At the moment I'm struggling to lose anything despite still being on plan 100% but it matters less because at this stage stopping or going back is not an option. I know I can do it, I am doing it and it's great!

Re treats btw, I've lost all my weight while still having a takeaway or eating out at least once a week. You just need to learn which choices are sensible and the plan can accomodate you.

Good luck whatever you decide x


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Without meaning to sound harsh, you should still be able to eat out and satisfy your sweet tooth on SW. That is what it is all about.

When eating out, it is your choices from the menu that affect your weight - not your decision to eat out in the first place. Jacket potato, steak, pasta, chicken, salad are all SW friendly. Try to stick to these.

Also, try thinking about what your weight would be now if you hadn't been on SW for the last 4 weeks. Loosing 2lb is better than putting another 2lb on.

I would recommend that you try again. Don't tell your family if that helps you as I know how it feels when everyone has an opinion on your diet.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you lose the 8 stone in a way that is right for you.


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I have lost over 9 stone in less than 2 years on sw. I didn't expect to lose that much but when I stuck to plan and lost weight I kept sticking to it and kept losing. My head was in the right place though and I did stick to the plan. That doesn't mean I didn't have treats and meals out though just that I incorporated them into the plan/s and made better choices or let myself celebrate special occasions but accepted I probably wouldn't lose that week.
I don't think SW is any more restrictive than healthy eating needs to be. Unfortunately lots of us can't eat whatever we want and not put on weight. For me the SW plans helped me to learn how to make good choices without feeling restricted there was/is always something I can eat even if its not exactly what I fancy which is brill for me. I know I can have some things that I fancy but am aware of the choices I am making and that unfortunately I can't have everything and anything that I fancy.
The benefits of the weight loss last longer than the taste of foods though and the sacrifices are worth it :)


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dont be hard on your self i do slimming world and you have quick and slow weeks but in the end you get the same result and lose that unwanted weight so cheer up and think of that new wardrobe x


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Do you know I'm so glad you started this thread!! I have been 'doing' SW for about 4 months now and actually weigh more than I did when I started. My problem? If I have a week where I stick to the plan and still have an unexpected gain I lose the plot. I mean totally lose the plot and get so dispondant I give up. I actually bought a load of Cambridge diet stuff which is sat on my table right now. I used it a couple of years ago and lost 5 stone so I know it works but its a very lonely diet. My family have begged me not to go back on it (apparently I wasn't a very nice person lol) so after a week of eating EVERYTHING in sight and putting on half a stone in 2 weeks I stopped, slapped myself, and have decided to go to a different club on a different day,to me it will seem like a 'new start'. I still have at least 6 stone to lose. It looks like there's a few others who are in the same boat as us, let's use this thread as a meeting place for us all to support each other and try again, what do you think? I know I could certainly do with the support! xx


I CAN do this
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Good luck with your re-start Suzie. Only just got my head back into gear so I know what its like.


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I started with 8 and half stone to loose, I'm down 3 stone in 5 and half months which I'm really proud of. I've tried dieting before but always gave up. Your head does have to be in the right place, you have to really want to loose weight and be ready to make the changes to do so.
My first weeks were abit rough with 3 weeks of 100% and only 0.5lbs losses I was so close to giving up but SOOOOO glad I didn't, I tweaked my exercise and pounds have come off not lighting fast but 1-2lb a week average. Remember if you are loosing it's much better than you would have been off the diet. Slimming World is lifestyle change and when the weight is gone you would still need maintain and you won't be able to go back to old life style to do this.

If you are really ready to make the changes stick with it, it really does work, it may take years but it would have just been years spent being overweight and really possibly gain more. Take it in little steps if want it you WILL get there.

I wish you lots and lots of luck on your journey:) xxx


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Cherry Blossom thanks love :)

Frankied my goodness you're doing fabulously!
Suzie, you and I sound very similar!! I to lost 3 stones on the cambridge diet a few years ago in a very short space of time and have seeked out my local counsellor with the view to doing it again but know it wouldn't work for me now!!

I really need to take stock and make a decision. I am gradually gaining weight and know in a year I will have 9 stones to lose if I don't do anything now.

Thank you for all your posts! Keep em coming!