Being on Exante and meeting someone new

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Hi there

Just looking for a bit of advice really.....

I have been on Exante TS for 2 weeks now and am 100% determined to get to my goal which Im hoping to get to within the summer months.... so got a little way to go yet!! But so far Im doing really well :) and feeling very positive!

Well I'm a 30 year old single mummy of 1 who works full time. I've been talking to a lovely man that I got talking to on the internet (not a dating site) and lives fairly local to me, since summer of last year but I didn't feel ready to meet anyone new at that time which he understood. About 3 weeks ago I decided to finally meet him. We had spoken practically everyday on the phone and texted etc since the summer. Well he was just lovely and we have been out for a couple of dates since. He's 37 and pretty old fashioned like me.... lol as sad as that sounds and I do really like him. We're at the 'dating' stage which is fab but here's where the Exante issue comes in.... DEATH BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't told him that I'm doing Exante and paranoid that my breath just reeks lol. Also there is the issue of eating obviously which I'm planning to get around by doing a WS day when we go out. But I'm just worried about telling him and what he would say about what I'm doing (ie following Exante until the summer). Eeeeeeek!

What would you guys do in my situation? Would you mention it yet or maybe leave it a while?

Jo :wave_cry:
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If you 2 have been speaking every day since last summer I dont know why you haven't told him already!
He'll notice the fast weight loss no doubt and you dont want him thinking you're ill or something.
Definitely tell him, that way if you dont fancy having a WS day just so he doesn't suspect anything you dont have to.
Also so you can explain the death breath!


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I have been in exactly the same situation regarding the breath. I have been known to knock dates back on this diet! It's the one thing that really puts me off doing the diet to be honest so I hardly go out when I'm on it. If I was you I would just tell him. You've been talking to him a while now so there shouldn't be a problem.


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Yup, tell him.

I started dating an ex-boyfriend a couple of years ago when I was Exante-ing... I'd literally started the day before I met him (GREAT timing).

I didn't tell him that day, but after a couple of dates he invited me out for dinner. I realised I really liked him so I sent him an email coming clean about the diet (too embarrassed to say it out loud I think). I text him when I'd sent it saying something like "I really like you and want to see you again, but there is something you need to know first.. I've emailed you." I waited with baited breath, but he replied saying that he was panicking that I was going to tell him I was seriously ill/married/leaving the country etc - that in the end the prospect of just not being able to eat dinners together for a number of months was NOTHING! (Nothing like causing massive worry to lessen the blow, lol). In fact, men being men, I think he was more interested in what 'else' we would do when we weren't wasting time eating food. Hahaha. Boys.

Turned out he was a total prat, and I'm SO much better off without him - but I have to say, as far as being accepting, I was very impressed - and judging by the **** he turned out to be, chances are your guy would be even better :)

Good luck!

Oh, and last point- do this for you, and don't compromise and do WS unless you WANT to do WS. Don't live to regret choices that probably don't need to be made.

Spotty x x x


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I second what everybody else has said for all the reasons already mentioned but also over the coming weeks n months it could turn into a full blown relationship at which point his support could make all the difference