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Being on SS 100% & Excercise -- CDC question.

I have been going to the gym for the last 4 or so months and I will be starting CD on 17/11 and am wondering whether I will still be able to exercise or not? I tend to do more cardio than toning exercises like 30 or so minutes on the cross trainer and another 40 on a bike. I realise I won't be able to do as much exercise but would it be possible to do any at all? Like half an hour on the bike? Please let me know
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here the answer from CD website
Do you recommend exercise with the Cambridge Diet?
Do not start a strenuous exercise programme at the same time as you start the Cambridge Diet. (IF you are already taking exercise then you may continue it.) Moderate exercise is useful once you start to lose weight, providing that it is approached with caution and not done with excess. Walking or cycling is excellent exercise, but start slowly, and do not overdo it at the beginning."
I started to do exercise after i'd lost around 40 pounds on and i'd changed from LT to CD. I have found on the days I exercise i had an extra sachet though now I'm tending to have half a bar before then half a bar afterwards within my daily allowance. What I have found is that my weight loss appears to have slowed down since exercising but i feel and look much fitter. However i will say I my starting point was no exercise !
Good luck in whatever you do
what would people recommend re exercise..

i really need to start running in the new year as i have a fitness test due for work, but at the same time i need to lose weight as quickly as i can .... how come the weight loss slows if you do exercise??? any ideas??
I have decided that I will SS for maybe 3-4 weeks and then after that I will start going to the gym again to tone up. I will aim to walk as much as possible during the day, hopefully that will be sufficient enough.
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There's no reason you can't continue with exercise - normally after the first week to 10days once your body has got use to the diet. I advise clients to have 1/2 a pack before they go and 1/2 a pack when they come back - so you are not exercising on nothing. Plus obviously drink extra water!
I just don't want to do myself any damage. I am yet to meet with my CDC and the literature doesn't really tell you what you can and can't do.
If you want to go harder its well worth considering moving up a plan, I found with extra calories I had much more energy and therefore able to exercise more etc etc so actually lost just as much but with a higher intake.
My CDC insist I should not start exercise until the second week! I really want to do though, but she said my body has to get used to ketosis first before introducing anything else.


Carpe diem, baby!
I've done both Lighter Life sole source and lipotrim and exercised through both with no problems...the exercising helped with energy levels, as endorphins/adrenaline kick in and help one to feel great...
I'm yet to start CD, but I did LL for 16 weeks. I exercised from day one without problems, but I started off relatively slow. I was used to doing 30 mins on a Nordic Track ski machine, but on my first week of LL, I did 20 mins/day and was tired-ish. Within a week, I upped it to 25, then to 30, then to 45 mins. I couldn't go much higher than that, as I'd feel really knackered and a bit sick if I tried to push it much past 45 mins.

I found it really helped me in my first week to exercise as it stripped my glycogen stores and put me into ketosis that much faster. If you do exercise, though, drink lots of water. I found that I'd drink about a litre of water whilst exercising and a litre afterwards, even in the shower after my workout. I don't think the exercise really helped me lose weight faster, but it does help you feel and look better in your clothes. I've had a VCLD break in between LL and CD and I haven't gained a pound in the past month from my final LL weight. Not lost, either, but not ballooned like I was worried I might. :happy036:

I'll let you know when I start CD a week from now if I notice any significant difference between LL and CD exercise.
Please let me know Grrlscout. I am thinking of putting my gym membership on hold for a while whilst on CD. I don't want to pay over £30.00 a month if I won't be able to utilise the gym properly. Thanks for your post :)
Hi Sylvie -

Had a bit of a delay starting CD, as I was doing battle with a horrific stomach bug last week (was due to start last Thursday). All the same, I'm on track with SS and am in ketosis, so I'm well pleased.

I've had no problems whatsoever with exercise, but I've kept it to 30 mins. I'm also using a cross trainer for the time being instead of the ski machine (ski machine is a more intense workout). Even so, I have been very conscious of how much water I'm drinking - roughly a litre during and after the workout.

I don't know how much space or patience you have, but I'd just take that £30 and spend it on an exercise machine off ebay - get the best of both worlds.

How's SS treating you?
I get alot for £30 coz there's pools, sauna and classes plus the gym so am happy to pay it. SS is treating me fine. At the minute am just swimming atleast twice a week and I go to atleast 2 aqua aerobics classes a week. Am hoping to start some weight training in January, nothing too extreme, just want to tone up my arms, legs and tum.

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