Being pathetic


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Last Friday I had my gym induction (at 8.30 in the evening)... all very good, but because the instructor waffled on for so long, and he took ages telling me how the little tv worked on the machines (i know that's a vital piece of knowledge to have!), i didn't have enough time to do my proper timed work-outs on all the different machines (because by this time, the gym was closing!).

I'm going this evening... but i am absolutely petrified. I'm worried that I won't remember all the settings (i know someone will be on hand to help), i'm worried that the gym will be busy (it was dead quiet last Friday), I'm afraid everyone will laugh and stare at me. I know they won't of course. But i'm still of the mind set that i'm "fat" - and even when I was looking at myself in the mirrors in the gym, I didn't actually think I looked that bad... but now the doubts are creeping back in.

I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from body dysmorphia (not medically diagnosed - but I have googled it!).

ARRRRGHHH. I know i haven't really got body dysmorphia - i don't obsessively pluck my eyebrows! but my head hasn't quite caught up with my body... and I'm not really seeing what's in the mirror.

I need a psychiatrist. Not the gym (erm. actually i do need both).

Help before i find an excuse not to go to the gym again today.

PS sorry for the waffle.
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i was always scared of the gym, but when i got into it and started to notice a difference then i loved it and i felt better after i finished xxxx youll be ok


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Just go.

You'll kick yourself if you dont.

Plus I know from personal experience I've always been too worried about doing my own workout than looking at anyone else.

So go lady - get going :kickass:


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I think everyone would agree it is a nerve racking thiing going to a gym for the first few times - i get really self conscious but think about it - it's much better to go than not. Even if you only last 10 minutes before the voices in your head are shouting so loud you have to leave (been there, done that) every time you go your confidence will improve - not just because of the physical benefits of going but the fact that you DID go and nothing terrible happen! It's so hard to break the mental process of 'everyones gonna laugh/snear/watch me' but honestly you've done soooooo well, you should be proud of your achievement so far and continue to build your confidence! I found going to classes helped - don't get me wrong it was terrifying to go in with a group of strangers but everyone was so focussed on the instructor and the steps/music that no one really paid attention to anyone else! you'll be fine hun! keep up the good work and just think of this as a new hobby - something to enjoy! :)