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Being what I want to become

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Enough, 2 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    I'd like to build a vision of my life over the coming months.

    I had my first weigh-in this eve, and I've lost five pounds and I'm now 15s 12p (222 pounds)
    If I lose a pound per week for the next year, I could be 12st 2p.
    If I lost two pounds per week for the next year, I'd be 8st 6p !! (118 pounds)
    so I'm probably looking at somewhere in between

    However, what I'm wanting more than anything else is to develop some really healthy nutrient-rich tasty habits that I can have for the rest of my life, and I can share with my baby as she grows up. I want to BE the me that I'm wanting to become!
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  3. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    Weigh-in this evening, and I'm not expecting miracles because I have had an incredibly heavy period - literally getting up avery 3-4 hours in the night, changing every hour during the day! First period since I finished breastfeeding, so my body has gone a bit loopy! :) However, I feel fine, but I have eaten bucket loads - Mostly free stuff, but other stuff too - nothing major - and I might have lost half a pound, but I have decided not to care this week - my body needs to recover and I need to binge :D However, my diet is definitely improving in general, and that's what I'm wanting - I'm wanting to become a good role model - I'm wanting to bring up my daughter with a healthy attitude to food and eating - to cook fresh delicious food, and value nutrition. I want her to see a slim mummy and assume that that is just normal for her to be healthy too - not to give her hang ups, but for it to be no big deal - That's my hope...
  4. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    another two pounds :) hurray :) and this week I'm really going to go for it! I'm going to do some great recipes this week including salmon mango salad and a rice salad with Caribbean chicken :D LOVE this diet!
  5. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    another 2.5pounds last night :D I'm so keen to do this - losing the weight is just part of it - I want to have a range of quick go-to meals that are tasty and healthy so my baby can grow up fit and healthy with a fit healthy Mummy and Daddy - that matters more than anything :D
  6. Sunflower166

    Sunflower166 Member

    We are about the same weight :) I'm waiting for my diary to be approved and am reading around and found yours! Sounds like you're doing great. What sort of things do you snack on? I find evenings hardest! Hana xo
  7. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    I'm eating TONNES!!! so for things to grab in a hurry I'm grabbing: apples, raspberries, tomatoes straight from the packet, cooked chicken straight from the packet, eating natural yoghurt straight out of the pot, or cottage cheese, or frozen veg poured into a bowl and pinged for about a minute while I make a cuppa.

    For things I'm bothering to prepare I'm making alllll sorts! did a massive veg chilli with: baked beans, tinned mixed beans, tin of tomatoes, then: mushrooms celery onnions peppers, carrots... all the veg in first, then after about two minutes bunging the tins in... It's LOADS - I've eaten enough to feed a small country and it's sooo filling... then I've also cooked chicken, beef,

    some mornings I'm having eggs for breakfast, or melon, or fresh peaches with natural yoghurt. SW non-fry-up is great too... especially adding lean bacon to stuff

    I lost another five pounds this evening so I must be doing something right :D

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