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Belly Dancing

I completed one term of belly dancing at my local college a few years ago - this was after a holiday in Egypt. When I used to go shopping, a few of the shop keepers in Luxor kept handing me the belly dancers outfits and expected me to put them on! The bras looked way too small - they would just have covered my nipples! I bought a scarf with dangling coins to tie around my hips for dancing. I had so much fun on that holiday.

I've recorded a few of the belly dancing exercise programmes from Sky, but haven't got round to watching any of them yet!

Are you thinking about taking up belly dancing?
Hi mixedspice

I've been dancing for about 3.5 years now and absolutely love it.

Can't wait to go to Cairo and buy some costumes, luckily the designers I know will make to measure and then send them back via someone I know who takes regular groups across, if they're not done before you go home. So the costume covers more than the nipples.

Trying on costumes is fatal and rather expensive as I prooved last Friday when I brought a new costume.


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Hi Kate
I love belly dancing - been doing for a couple of years now so sort of intermediate. I go to a regular class and really enjoy when we do routines - we're currently practicing for a hafla at end jan.

Dont usually buy costumes as they aren't big enof lol!
Hi There ...fellow bellydancer here!!
Taught beginners for 4 yrs then split with ex, had complete whirlwind where I left the scene for two years but now I'm back and teaching beginners.
one of the reasons I'm on here is because while I have always been a (and advocated for) plus size dancer, I was always fit with it...
Now my size is too big to be fit and dance the way I want to...so hoping I'll be shimmyimg in style soon! xx


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Hi Shimmy, nice to meet you:D

I must admit my thursday class was a shock after 3 weeks off for the hols - but then shimmying is such great exercise! How many classes do you do a week?

I started just about the same time as you (tues) so Im on day 5 of atkins. Enjoying the food and hoping for a good result at first week weigh in. How are you doing so far?
Hiya Kat1e :)

well you can imagine how i felt after a 2yr break lol!!!
used to teach three classes a week and the odd workshop..but as i work FT it got too much....
Just starting with the one class at the mo but theres another 1 or 2 fighting to get out!!

oooh good luck then ....found it a bit difficult to start as some of the food packs are vile and my hubby is a fantastic cook...sigh..... but if i didn't do something now i would be around for much longer!!!
atkins is one of the few diets I've never tried...bit difficult as a vege!!! xx


This is for life
Ah yes wouldnt be so good if veggie altho i understand last version of the book has a veggie friendly plan. Ooh can i borrow your husband to do all the cooking? Lol

Anyhow good luck setting out and let's keep in touch

Happy shimmying :)
He'd be rubbish for you Hun ... He's practically a vegan and can't deal with meat!!! Lol

Oh that's interesting as it's so easy to fill up on potatoes as a vege and then end up looking like one !!
Yeah keep in touch and good luck!!
I go away for the weekend and this thread gets resurrected.

Hiya Kat1e and shimmystar, good to know I'm not the only belly dancer on here.

Hope you both do well on your diets. I've managed to lose 1.5 stone so far.

I'm not looking forward to going back to class as I haven't had one since second week in December and I was going to spend 2 hours a day practicing over Xmas, but came down with a cold which knocked me out and I still have. They start again next Monday, so I still have another week to go.

Good luck getting back into teaching Shimmystar, it's not something I could see myself doing. Plus with a ft job and three classes a week, I don't know when I'd fit it in.


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Hi Kate, i thought you were avoiding us deliberately lol - hope you had a good weekend

Yes a bit of a shock going back this week - my arms were in protest at too many snake arms:)

Well done on the loss so far - presumably an excuse to buy more costumes?
Sorry, I've got the application on my phone - but the battrey life is so short I saved it for emergencies - time for a new phone I think.

I think I need to try and do some dancing this week and ease myself back into it.

I wish I had the money for new costumes. I think I'll need to alter the ones I have first.

Oh well, I really should be organising my hafla for the beginning of next month but I'm a little brain dead at the moment.


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I love belly dancing!

I always seem to move cities everytime I find a new class though. Just moved from Edinburgh to Reading. Haven't looked about for a new class yet. I should really get looking, I miss it :(

Done about 4 terms of it altogether over about 5 years... i'm still rubbish though! But it's good fun :D
Hi Kaiku

Glad you're enjoying dancing. What's your favourite track? I'm liking El Toba at the moment, but my heart always comes back to Tahtil Shibbak.

I'm at the stage where I don't think I could move without finding a good teacher first. Not that I'm obsessive, of course.

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