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best and worst feelings so far !!!!


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Best experience, weigh ins and going down the sizes, in ketosis and having that good feeling.

Worst bits - stinky breath but GOLD SPOT from Boots works wonders. Not really bad bits other than NO ALCOHOL, but i can put that off till goal.

Anyone else?


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hi all just wanted to get some info on the best and worst experiences of this diet thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks
The best bit for me is the fast results, getting into a size 12:eek: feeling healthy and great support from everyone. No thinking about what to eat in the early days of the diet helps a lot. Not having many negative things about this diet apart from a mouth that feels like the bottom of a bird cage:eek: but gold spot sorts that, the biggest problem was negative comments from non dieters, it was so hard to listen too at first, I got over that very fast:p



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My best bits are the feeling of well being, the amazing high of being able to get into smaller sizes, how great you feel when you are told how much you've lost and the self confidence it gives you.

My worst bits are not having Peanut Kit Kats, not being able to enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening and meals out ... but hey, all things considered i'd rather be slim :)


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best bits are the fast results and the new clothes and the compliments and the energy.

worst bits are missing the social aspects of eating but that is slowly coming back and we are finding other things to do with friends instead
For me the best bit is not being hungry after the first couple of days - might want to eat, but not actually hungry. The worst bit is no alcohol, I miss it waaaay more than food.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
For me the best bit is not being hungry after the first couple of days - might want to eat, but not actually hungry. The worst bit is no alcohol, I miss it waaaay more than food.
I am the same miss my vodkas and girlie nights outs the most.
Fast results, smaller sizes, compliments! and feeling great! and not worrying about what i should or shouldnt eat.

Worse thing is mouth, and as a chocoholic not having chocolate, although now addicted to the bars!!
i dont have any bad things really....my breath doesnt smell, im still going out and socialising, im still drinking vodka and diet coke with no ill effects.... on the good side though my hair and nails are gowing shiny and strong, i have energy, my skin is glowing and im losing loads of weight really fast :D

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The best bits:
Fast results, going down sizes, being able to shop anywhere, feeling more confident, more attention, feeling more healthy, having more energy & walking.....I use to get pains in my back walking to our local supermarket (5mins away) now i rarely use the car and walk as much as possible....I actually enjoy walking now!

Worst bits:
Feeling COLD all the time, being told i've lost enough weight by others (when i feel i have abit more to go) & I really miss milk in my coffee...

Best: Loosing the lbs
Worst: running to the bathroom 20 times a day!
Worst for me was trying to get back on it after a break, so try to stick with it, no nibbling as it really is hard no matter how determined you think you are.

Best thing is how I feel about myself knowing I'm doing this for me and how quickly it works.


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The pro's are easy, there are so many! But mainly, it has given me back my confidence and made me feel like a real person (and dare I say it, woman!) after having my daughter (tho I am smaller and maybe happier than I was pre-baby so it is alllll good).

Social, I am one of those people that doen't go out at all as I don't want to cheat and nor do I want to sit there conspiciously not eating or drinking booze (not worth the babysitter). I admire those people that do, I am being a bit control freakish cos I want to get to goal as soon as possible.

It peaks and troughs mentally, the down phases where the scales don't reflect your efforts or you are bored and want food like normal people, are damn hard and it takes some real determination to stick to it.

Other people being negative, misinformed, jealous, or not supportive cos you are 'ruining thier fun' Grrrr!

I have seen a different side to people from this, people have been complimentary but often add things like 'hmmmph, you are actually thinner than me (but weigh more etc), it's not fair' and it really annoys me because I have worked bloody hard while they have been continuing their lifestyle of crappy eating...makes you realise that people love to have friends fatter than them just to make them feel good!

Maddy xxx

Ps. when I started this diet I didn't tell anyone but family what I was doing, but now I don't care what anyone thinks as results speak for themselves (tho I am sure they want to see me pile it all back on)!
Best: My first week (weigh in) :)

Worst: My first week! (well until Ketosis kicked in) ;) lol

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