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best curry to have!?


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I'm trying to be 100% good this week (mon to thurs) as i am away at the weekend and am going out for a curry on friday eve, just cant beat a curry :)
however i cant stop thinking about whats best to have calorie wise? is there such a thing as a indian meal with lesser calories? do u think i cud ask the restuarant to cook without ghee or is that just being too fussy?
normally i'd have onion bajhis, peshwari nann, veg rice and jalfrezi oh and all those poppadums. any suggestions on what wud be a better selection?
think if i do go out and eat all bad stuff then i'll just be in a bad mood all weekend, esp as i wont get chance to do any exercise.

i know its a silly question, but hope someone can give me some suggestions!

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two ways to look at it

1... youv been good all week its a treat have you want....diets shouldnt stop us enjoying ourselves

2... have the low fat option...boiled rice....go for the grilled tikka....no nam bread

id go for option 1........and you will find if you eat slowly drink plenty of water.....you will feel fuller....your stomach has shrunk a bit.....so you wont be able to eat as much.....share the nam bread and rice

let us know how you get on x
Hi Lili,

I wrote away to unilever for more information on slimfast and they sent me amongst other things a little calorie and fat counter book (a bit like the weight watchers points book but with calories and fat content) and in the eating out section it has the following for Indian food

Starters per serving
Chapati each 140 cal
Onion Bhagi each 250
Poppadum each 75
Samosa 270

Main Course per serving
chicken balti 650
Chicken Dhansak 500
Chicken Jalfrezi 500
Chicken Korma 860
Chicken Madras 560
Chicken Tikka 260
Chicken Tikka Masala 600
Chicken Vindaloo 500
Lamb Biryani 900
Lamb Rogan Josh 700
Prawn Biriyani 850
Tandoori Chicken 350
Boiled Rice 300
Naan Bread each 300
Pilau Rice 450

Hope this helps! I find when going for Indian if I share a naan bread and boiled rice and only have 1 popadom then I feel like Ive at least done a little to help with the calories.

But like Yvon said if your good all week treat yourself!
If your still worries then cut back on the snacks on friday during the day and go for 2 half hour walks on the weekend and that with cancel out the calories anyways!


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Thanks so much, esp Sattsy!
that book sounds very useful, i'll enjoy my curry even more now I know whats in it :)
Unfortunately the book doesnt cover Thai food but I do know that pad thai generally has around 470 calories but if its not in my book I google to see how many. For Thai green curry I found a site that said 1/2 a box (300grams) 294 calories
Well since its my birthday next wednesday and mothers day on Sunday I have a big weekend planned so I am trying to be super good all week and Im going for a walk on Saturday and swim on Sunday to burn the extra calories (well some of them anyways!) Also it TOTM at the moment and I am resisting the urge to binge....so far Im winning but its not an easy battle. Im having the coc crunch meal bars to suppress the need for chocolate but what I really want is something really naughty!

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