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Best day to WI with using PPs??

I hope this doesn't sound too much of a silly question, but normally I weigh in on a Sunday morning, but tend to enjoy a few glasses of wine on a Saturday night, and therefore any Weekly points I have left get used.

Does this affect weight loss? I jumped on the scales this week - my diary is entirely upto date - and have lost 0.75lbs only :cry:. I jumped on with a view to changing my WI day and having my treats at the beginning of the week, but I really don't know which is the best way round.

I have just noticed on another thread the Wendy plan and may try that next week, but on the whole, is it better to use some weeklies the night before (such as I do) altho I may not use them all......or use them on Day 1 and then be good??

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I personally thinks it makes no difference as long as you stick to your weekly points allowance and it evens itself out over the weeks.

I weigh in on a Monday and use my weeklies at the weekend and still lose weight. Plus I am sure they wouldn't hold classes on Mondays if it was the case as the leaders wouldn't look very good if their group didn't lose much weight.

Hope that helps.
I've often thought about this.

I wondered if weighting in on a friday would be better for me (as like most i use all my weeklies at the weekend). But then decided to keep it as a monday so that i didnt use the "oh ive got a whole week till next weigh in" excuse to pig out at the weekend.

Plus I occasionally use a couple of points mid week, for little slips... By the amount of weeklies i have left on a friday determins how "naughty" i can be at the weekendvas a treat!!

But to be honest i've never seen any detramental effects weighing in on a monday after the weekend (as long as i've stuck within points)


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Because of the way my shifts work, I tend to weigh in on a Monday morning and then just have a my treat meal when ever I want to and it means I don't have an excuse to pig out! I don't think it really matters as long as you're not going over your points, it shouldn't matter when you weigh in!
I don't think it makes much difference- I WI on a Tuesday morning (going it alone)and start my new week that day too, so Mondays are "use up the rest of my weekly points" days, and it's never really made a massive difference to my weight.

Once I start my training in September, though, treat day will probably move, either to a Saturday, or whichever day was particularly stressful in the classroom lol!
I like to use my weeklies at the weekend and I tend be alot better in work than at home. My weigh in is on a Wednesday so I have no problem being good thursday and friday, I use weeklies on Sat and Sun and then I can be good again on Monday Tues and Weds in work and work.

I find this works for me because its splits my week up a few good days at a time plus I get my chinese and drink at the weekend. I suppose it will be different for everyone depending on their lifestyles but it most likely won't make a difference to weightloss.
Dont think it makes much difference hon as long as you aint having a full on blowout the day before Weigh In lol (all the food in your tummy will make you weigh heavier then). I'm doing the Wendy plan you mentioned this week so will let you know how I go. Even on it, it has me eating an extra 7pp the day before weigh in!? I weigh in on Saturday & started it that way thinking I'd eat loadsa weeklies at the weekend, turns out I eat more during the week!! :p x
Thats my problem tho Sarah, I get to the day before weigh in and think "great, got all these weeklies to use" :eek:

I think I may try changing my day to mid week like some of you already have......seems to fit very well with using your weeklies but also being good! Will weigh in on Sunday at the end of my Wendy, and then weigh in on Wednesday and start again! :rolleyes:
I may be doing it wrong as I weigh in at home but I weigh in on a Monday morning use up any weeklies that day and start a new week on the Tuesday. That way I have a whole week to undo any damage....

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