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Best time to test for Ketosis??

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Got my answer guys by googling.... and this is it....
I can't get my ketostix to register more than a trace or very light pink. What am I doing wrong? The color or reading of the ketostix is not all that important. In fact, a trace or light pink reading is actually a better indication for you than a dark purple or heavy reading. Light pink or trace readings indicate a low level of ketones in your system. This means your body is using almost all the available ketones it has and will most likely be burning more for energy which means more fat loss for you! A high or dark purple reading on the ketostix usually means you are not getting enough fluids in your diet and thus the ketones are building up in your urine to a highly concentrated level. Or it could be you have eaten a large amount of fat and thus the unneeded ketones from the metabolism of this food have been dumped into your urine. Either way, it's not as good. Try to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day plus an extra 8 ounces for each 25 pounds you need to lose. Take your reading late at nite before going to bed or in the morning before breakfast. the key is always to take your reading at the exact same time every day. Try not to test yourself after eating something high in fat. If you are not getting even a trace reading on your ketostix then recheck your carb intake and look for hidden carbs in your foods. Many foods are labeled 0 carbs per serving even if they are .9 because the FDA allows the companies to "round down". Dr. Atkins says that many people lose weight without being in ketosis so you may be one of those extremely insulin resistant people who never reach ketosis but still lose. If the weight is coming off anyway do not obsess about it!
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Obviously ignore the part about eating fat! This is more to do wit the Atkins Diet me thinks :)


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very interesting thanks for sharing x

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