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Best way to get choc fix?!?!


Always comes back to MMs!

curly wurlys are 6 syns
or just found out that cadburys light mousse is 60 calories so 3 syns and its yummy.
Options hot choc is low syns.

or i make the choc scan bran cake recipe which is on this forum which is a healthy extra plus 10 syns for the whole cake which lasts ages....and it's lovely with a muller light on it

hth xx
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You get 15 syns for things like this!! I'm a fan of a bag of revels for 8.5 syns or a small bar of green and blacks which I think is 11.5 syns.
Not low syn but the real thing! The best hot choc I've found is the Highlights Dark Chocolate, only 1.5 syns a mug.
Chocolate Mini Milks (1.5 syns each)

I just read the latest SW Magazine that came out and think there was some Tesco Easter Micro Eggs - 1 Syn for 5 eggs
wd hun but you don't need to give up choccy
boots chocolate are about 5 depends on which one, tazs 5
if u like white chocolate i like mini milks they taste almost like chocolate last longer and only 1.5 syns each also mini twisters have choccy in them and they r 2 syns.
or mullers with chocolate bits r free
I always mention these, but still pinch myself that they are only 7 syns.......

Mars Ice Cream bars (yes really!) from a multipack are only 7 syns!!!!!

Shout it from the rooftops, guys!!!!!! *very excited*


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I love the flapjack HiFis that SW do, HEb or 6 syns.
Also, fun-sized Milky Ways are only 3.5 syns, and scrummy.
And I have just picked up some Snack a Jacks (the big ones) which are choccy chip only 3 syns each :)
The Maltesers ice cream bars are only 5.5 syns too! Yummy :D
And the if you're saving your syns there's always the chocolate sprinkle muller lights which are free (except the black cherry layered ones which are 2 syns). All very yummy, not a lot of chocolate in them but I find they're enough to stave off a craving


Always comes back to MMs!
Absolutely fantastic!! Thank you all, going to get/make at least one of each of these and no more craving the choccy!!

Amazing response, thanks so much x x
my faves are curlywurlys at 6 syns, kitkats at 5.5 syns or choc fudge alpen lights (2 for a HEB, or 3 syns each)

need to go buy me some mars bar icecreams they seem really low for all that yumminess!

I make sw ferrero rochers. 5 ryvita blitzed in food processor add tiny touch water then stir in 3 tbsp golden syrup and 3 tbsp nutella then shape into aprox 15 balls and place in bun cases, fridge for at least an hour. Absolute heaven and whole thng is 15 syns, they are really good I ate 4 a day and was quite satisfied but knowing there in fridge if I have the need for choc is great.
Mini Choc Bars are a good send for me, i think they are all between 3-5 syns and they satisfy my sweet tooth. I have a draw full and when i need a treat i have one of these. Mars,Snickers,Buttons,Chomp,Curly Wurly, fudge, the list goes on..
I can't belive noone's mentioned them yet....my godsend and latest adddiction -

MIKADO biscuits!! ONLY 1/2 syn each!!

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