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Best Way To Get Through Xmas W/O the temptation


Gotta Make A Change
Just look at it as if its any other normal day, just with pressies to open! If you view it as a "special" day you will definitely feel you are missing out. Tell yourself its just another Sunday, another roast dinner to get through as you have done previously and that next year and all the Christmasses after will be those "special" days. Its only one day after all, and what's one day out of the rest of your slim life. Good luck hun xxxx
I'm thinking of myself as the chef, and my family as the diners in my small, exclusive (obviously) restaurant. May get myself a comedy apron, or possibly assume a heavy French accent for the day...
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Last year we were in Tenerife for Xmas and had burger and chips for Xmas dinner - I can confirm that the world does not stop if you don't have turkey and all the trimmings!!!!!!!

Deb G

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I'm veggie, so its not big deal for me anyway. However, I will probably take the dogs for a walk when they're all eating, or start tidying up the lounge for after lunch. I'm viewing it as 'just another day' so I won't be eating any differently!


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Best way would be to go out jogging and don't come back till they have eaten the lot , you may be out for a while lol , no only joking there is only one answer... thats mind over matter


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In my first 2 weeks, I was worried about it, not sure what to do, and thought I would probably eat. I have to say though, that after a couple of weeks counselling and posting on here. I am totally confident I will be totally fine. It won't be a breeze, but I have it planned and have the right frame of mind now.
You will get there too, I am sure.


Gotta Make A Change
thank you for all the answers :) as how to avoid it
and yeah i agree im just going to treat it like any other day :) not let it get to me too much actually
wont let it get to me at all, ill make some of the recipes posted on this site so i have something nice too :)


Gotta Make A Change
What Ali said goes for me too. I am really not bothered - I might have a cheeky glass of champers though as a toast.

thanks ma appreciate that :) ill just make some desserts out of my food packs :) today being my 1st day finding it simple at present :)


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This is what I'm worried about. My family are a real bunch of 'foodies' and they usually go ALL out on Christmas food. It's the mince pies that get me :eek:


Gotta Make A Change
This is what I'm worried about. My family are a real bunch of 'foodies' and they usually go ALL out on Christmas food. It's the mince pies that get me :eek:
yeah same with my family :p but you know what just take it as a normal day take an extra nap or whatever, just remember come next xmas you'll be all trim and proper lass :)


Gotta Make A Change
Thanks kenshin112...I just need to remember: 'Just step away from the Mince pies' ;)
haha thats the spirit hun :) just remember why your doing this because........ you wanna be able to fit into those jeans you've always wanted it could be anything :)


Gotta Make A Change
wow 4 days gone and honestly im already feeling much better
in the first 2 days i was a lil awkward with people around me, but now i feel relieved
feel i can do this better than anyone else
im loving it thus far and hope to see a big impact and difference :)

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